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Althea (cough syrup): instructions for tincture, treatment of Althea root

Althea (cough syrup): instructions for tincture, treatment of Althea root

Cough, especially if it lasts for a long period of time, causes discomfort, and also interferes with normal work and rest. It is worth noting that coughing is not a disease, but a symptom that may indicate the presence of various diseases, but most often of viral and infectious processes.

The appointment of a medicinal product should be done by a specialist after passing a diagnostic examination and making an accurate diagnosis. Altea cough syrup is often prescribed by doctors to treat children.

What cough is the remedy prescribed for and how to use it correctly?

If you want to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, then follow all medical recommendations. Before treatment, it is important to study the instructions, which contain important information about the pharmacological properties of the drug, its indications, as well as contraindications.

What properties does syrup have?

Althea syrup has such actions:

  • diluting effect
  • enveloping property
  • softening effect
  • local anti-inflammatory effect
  • expectorant property.

Instructions for use

The drug is used in various diseases that are accompanied by the appearance of dry cough:

It is worth noting that Althea syrup is a herbal remedy that has practically no contraindications. Of course, if there is an individual intolerance to the components, then it cannot be used.

Also, do not use the tool during pregnancy.

Do not forget about the drug interaction. In no case can syrup be used simultaneously with antitussives. Althea syrup will help develop mucous secretions, while antitussive drugs will suppress the cough center.

As a result, sputum will accumulate in the respiratory system, pathogenic microorganisms will actively multiply in it, and the patient’s condition will greatly deteriorate.

Treatment of children

In pediatric practice, syrup is also used for dry coughing. The dosage and frequency of use may vary, but usually such a scheme is prescribed: one teaspoon five times a day.

It is necessary to accept means after meal, at the same time syrup needs to be dissolved previously in quarters of a glass of warm water. The course of treatment is usually no more than two weeks.

Older children doctors appoint one tablespoon five times a day, while the tool is diluted in half a glass of water.

You can even prepare the syrup yourself at home, for this you will need:

  • on the surface of the sugar syrup it is necessary to pour a thin layer of dry althea root with a thin layer
  • you must wait until the extract swells
  • syrup needs to be heated and constantly stirring.

Althea root

Althea root has been used in medical practice for a long time due to its enveloping properties that contribute to the rapid healing of tissues and the removal of the inflammatory effect. The active substances in the composition of the root of Althea, are a good protection of the mucous membrane from damage.

Due to its unique abilities, the root can be used for dry, painful cough in such diseases as whooping cough and laryngitis.

Mucous substances hold germs and viruses, as well as toxic substances. Due to this, they prevent their contact with the mucous membrane and in fact have an antibacterial property.

Althea root has a wide range of applications, namely: gingivitis, glossitis, stomatitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, candidiasis, psoriasis, gastritis, ulcer, dysentery, etc.

An aqueous solution can be used in several variants: rinsing, douching, use inside, outwardly, and also in the form of lotions.

Althea root tincture

Tincture is used as an achievement of such actions:

  • expectorant
  • enveloping
  • emollient
  • anti-inflammatory
  • removal of mucosal irritation.

Tincture is especially effective in inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract, which are accompanied by a large separation of mucous secretions, namely:

This dosage form can also be used for diseases of the digestive tract. Tincture can soothe painful sensations, so it can be used for gastritis, colitis, diarrhea, and even ulcers.

Also, the tool is used for fungal lesions of the vagina in the form of douching, while it must be diluted with water.

Before you use the tincture, the contents of the bottle must be shaken. It is necessary to take it before meals three times a day for ten to fifteen drops.

If the agent is used for disorders of the urinary or digestive system, the tincture must be diluted with hot water, and then cooled to reduce the concentration of alcohol.

The course of treatment is about a month, it will take two or even three bottles. As for contraindications, the tool is not appointed in the following cases:

  • idiosyncrasy
  • gestation and lactation period
  • childhood.

Althea syrup has earned good reviews due to its reliability and safety. The drug has a convenient dosage, pleasant aroma, as well as an absolutely natural composition.

The tool has pronounced mucoregulatory and mucolytic properties, due to which the mucous secretion is liquefied, and the immune system is activated.

The tool can be used even in the case of protracted inflammatory processes in elderly and debilitated patients. It is prescribed by doctors as part of complex therapy for chronic and low-intensity inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract.

So, Althea syrup is a really good remedy for coughing. The drug is used in various diseases of the respiratory system.

Although the drug does not eliminate the very cause of cough, but in combination with other drugs, uncomfortable clinical symptoms soften and the patient’s condition improves. Follow the instructions and follow all the recommendations of the doctor!

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