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Antifungal ear drops: a list of popular drops in the ears

Antifungal ear drops: a list of popular drops in the ears

The most common cause of itching in the ear canal is a fungal infection of the ear (otomycosis). The disease is prone to chronic long-term course, which is replaced by periods of exacerbations and remissions. A prolonged chronic process can cause dizziness, headache, hearing loss and other unpleasant symptoms.

In the early stages of the disease, it is especially effective to use local antifungal preparations for the ears to get rid of this ailment.

General principles of otomycosis therapy

Treatment of ear fungus should be complex. If a patient has lowered immunity or there are severe concomitant diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus, then without normalizing the general condition of the body, it is impossible to get rid of the fungus.

What should be remembered in the treatment of this pathology:

  1. Before using drops, ointments and other preparations, the ear must be thoroughly cleaned from fungal overlays. If the ear toilet is not carried out properly, the preparations do not penetrate into the affected area and the fungus continues to grow.
  2. If local remedies have no effect within 2-3 weeks, then therapy with systemic antimycotic drugs should be added.
  3. Avoid water and high humidity during the entire treatment period. The fungus loves moisture and continues to grow rapidly in such conditions.
  4. In parallel, the patient conducts general measures to strengthen and stimulate the immune system: he observes the principles of healthy eating, regularly walks in the fresh air and does moderate exercise.
  5. In chronic processes, the type of fungus and its sensitivity to antifungal agents should be accurately established in order to act precisely.

The treatment of otomycosis can last for months depending on the degree of neglect of the process. During this period, the patient can change several antifungal ointments or creams with different effects in order to achieve a positive result.

How to clean the ears before using drugs

Before using an antifungal agent for the ear, the external auditory canal should be cleared of fungal masses. Ideally, the doctor does this by washing with furatsilinom or using special tools.

In practice, the patient often does not have the opportunity to regularly visit the doctor, so you have to do it yourself. You will need cotton swabs and salicylic or boric alcohol for cleaning.

Pull the ear back and up and with a cotton swab dipped in boric alcohol, clean the ear canal from overlaps. It is important not to push them deeper to the eardrum, so you should not put the cotton swab more than half a centimeter from the edge of the ear.

If the patient is not confident in his abilities, then you can clean the ears with 3% hydrogen peroxide. To do this, bury 5-7 drops in the ear, lie on this side for 3-4 minutes and then allow the peroxide to drain out along with the soaked pieces of mycelium of the fungus. This procedure is repeated several times.

After such a toilet, ear and antifungal ointments and drops.

What are the ointments and drops from the ear fungus

There are a large number of antifungal creams and ointments. Consider the most effective and popular among them:

  1. Pimafukort. Combined ointment, which includes anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal component. It is used to treat chronic otomycosis, which is combined with a bacterial infection of the skin of the ear canal or dermatitis. Smear the affected area with a thin layer 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment for at least 10 days.
  2. Terbinafin. Available in the form of ointment and spray. As part of an active antifungal substance terbinafine, which destroys the cell membrane of the fungus. Actively works on dermatophyte, mold fungi and some members of the Candida genus. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin 3-4 times a day.
  3. Clotrimazole (ointment and cream). Used for fungal skin lesions caused by mold, yeast-like and other fungi that are sensitive to this tool. Before applying the cream, clean and dry the affected skin to enhance the effect of the ointment.
  4. Mikospor ointment. The active substance is bifonazole. Apply externally with a thin layer once a day. The course of treatment is 2 weeks. After treatment, they take a break and repeat the course of therapy to avoid recurrence of the disease.

In addition to ointments and creams, the patient can use drops in the ear to eliminate the fungal process:

  1. Candiotics. Combined drops, which include the antifungal component clotrimazole, a local anesthetic, a hormone and chloramphenicol. The drug is instilled in 3-4 drops in the ear for 7-10 days. Contraindicated in the presence of perforation of the eardrum, as well as in children and during pregnancy.
  2. Clotrimazole in solution form. Alcohol solution, where the key ingredient is clotrimazole antifungal agent. Appointed 2-3 drops 3 times a day. In this case, the drug is desirable to rub into the affected surface.

Important! Before using the drops, a specialist needs to be examined, because most of them are contraindicated in violation of the integrity of the eardrum and can cause irreversible hearing loss.

Additionally prescribed alcohol drops (chloramphenicol or boric alcohol), which, although they do not have a direct antifungal effect, but dry and disinfect the affected skin.

In addition to ointments with antifungal effects, the patient may be prescribed creams to eliminate itching for the period of treatment (Fenistil, etc.). For cracks in the ear canal and severe skin soak, a diluted Burov liquid or a solution of tannin with resorcinol is recommended.

Treatment of fungus in the ear is a long process. Therapy is carried out with local antifungal creams in combination with a thorough ear cleansing and strengthening of the body’s natural defenses.

In severe cases, systemic treatment with antifungal agents.

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