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Biseptol for sore throat and pharyngitis cough reviews

Biseptol for sore throat and pharyngitis cough reviews

Biseptol tablets were widely used in the 80s of the twentieth century. Many doctors, including pediatricians and urologists, loved him and considered him a panacea for many inflammatory processes, especially sore throat and coughing. Patients are so accustomed to having Biseptol prescribed for sore throat, bronchitis, and cystitis, that later they began to buy it without a doctor’s prescription and to be treated on their own.

What is this drug? Does Biseptol help with sore throat and other ENT diseases?

The composition of Biseptol

Medications usually have Latin names. And Biseptol is no exception.

Its name consists of two Latin words. “Bee” is a prefix denoting two, that is, consists of two components. “Septol” – literally means rotting, it means against rotting, against infection. In the pharmaceutical industry, using the root “septol” is a group of drugs that have an antiseptic effect.

So, in the annotation to our drug indicated its combined composition. It includes two main substances:

  1. sulfamethoxazole in the amount of 400 mg
  2. Trimethoprim in an amount of 80 mg.

In total, 480 mg of active substance is released. That is why the official name of the medicine is “Biseptol 480”

Drug release form

For adults, Biseptol is produced in the form of conventional tablets. Also, the drug is produced in ampoules. They contain a concentrated solution of 480 for intravenous fluids for particularly severe forms of inflammation.

Naturally, the drip of the drug is possible only in a hospital setting.

For children, there are several forms of the drug:

  • Biseptol 120 – tablets
  • Biseptol 240 – in the form of a suspension. The specified amount is contained in a teaspoon of medication
  • syrup containing in a teaspoon 240 mg of the active substance.

Most often, adults choose medicine in the form of tablets. For babies, a very convenient medicine in the form of a suspension is 240.

Is Biseptol an antibiotic?

Many patients are concerned about this issue. Because of the side effects of antibiotics, patients agree to be treated in extreme cases and want to do without them.

In simple terms, the antibiotic is aimed at suppressing and destroying bacteria. In other words, it has an antibacterial effect.

Antibiotics are of natural (or sometimes semi-synthetic) origin – plant, microbial, animal.

After studying the instructions for the Biseptol tablets, we see that both its components are synthesized in the laboratory.

The main component, sulfamethoxazole, is a sulfanilamide substance. A second trimethoprim added to the composition of the drug to enhance the action of the first. Therefore, the conclusion is obvious: Biseptol is not an antibiotic, although it has an antibacterial effect on the body.

It is a sulfa drug.

But you should not naively think that since this is not an antibiotic, it is safe, just like, for example, dietary supplements or vitamins. There are side effects.

In addition, improper use and dosage can lead to the formation of bacteria resistant to the drug. Sulfanilamides, like antibiotics, are serious medicines related to prescription drugs.

Analogs of Biseptol 480 – Groseptol, baktimm, septrin, bifeseptol.

Indications for use

Since this is an antibacterial drug, it is mainly a widespread effect on pathological microorganisms. The latter include staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella, E. coli, toxoplasma and chlamydia. Medical terms are gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

With the defeat of fungi Biseptol is also active.

Biseptol for sore throat and pharyngitis cough reviews

But viruses, tubercle bacillus, treponema and leptospira are resistant to Biseptolum, that is, they do not react to the destructive effect of the drug.

Since so many microorganisms are susceptible to Biseptol, the list of inflammatory diseases is also wide.

The most common gram-positive microorganisms include cocci – streptococcus and staphylococcus. They usually cause inflammation of the upper respiratory organs.

Therefore, Biseptol is successfully used for pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, sore throat, chronic tonsillitis.

Bronchitis can be both bacterial and viral. But to treat viral bronchitis using Biseptol is useless.

Therefore, it will be prudent to consult a doctor for a correct diagnosis and not to start drinking the pills on your own in the hope that “will help”.

Sinusitis and sinusitis most often develops due to the reproduction in them of all the same coccal bacteria. Therefore, although antibiotics are more often taken for their treatment, but in some cases it can be advisable to prescribe Biseptol for sinusitis or sinusitis.

Common cold and Biseptol

Many refrain from treating inflammations with antibiotics and want to avoid them with all their might. But there are those who are convinced that treatment with antibiotics will not be superfluous for colds, otitis, acute respiratory infections and even for a long time not passing rhinitis.

It is terrible that even over children their parents conduct such experiments.

Therefore, it is necessary to find out whether antibacterial drugs are necessary for colds.

To this end, it may be recalled that some diseases are caused by viruses, and others by bacteria. Many people are simply incompetent to discern and understand the cause, that is, to find out the causative agent of any inflammation.

An experienced therapist can easily do this.

So, ARVI is an acute respiratory viral infection. Influenza is also caused by viruses.

But, according to the instructions, we found out that Biseptol does not destroy viruses. Therefore, for colds, flu, swallowing with the hope of recovery tablets Biseptol, the effect will not be, and only possible side effects.

Usually, the flu or ORVI will pass on its own after a week. But if the organism of children and even adults is very weak, then the accession of coccal infection is possible.

Now Biseptol will be useful for treatment.

How to understand whether a bacterial infection has joined a viral infection or not? Usually, the flu rises in the first few days. Then there is no temperature, and we think that we have begun to recover.

But at this moment, about a week later, the fever attack begins again. At the same time, it is not possible to bring the temperature down for a long time, it rises again and again.

If the first week was just a runny nose and a headache, now coughing episodes have begun. All this suggests that the causative agent of the disease state is now the causative bacteria.

So, now it’s time to take care of the treatment with antibacterial drugs.

How to take Biseptol?

In the instructions for any suspension there is an indication: before using the medicine thoroughly shake it. Not all attentively read this manual or do not pay attention to such an important factor.

But it is important!

Each suspension consists of two substances. One of them is a water based fluid.

The second is an insoluble component, usually an oil composition. Only with thorough mixing by shaking the substances are evenly mixed.

Otherwise, you will not take 240 mg, which is contained in a teaspoon, the prescribed dose, but much less.

Biseptol syrup for children is much easier to take. Shake it is not necessary.

It is homogeneous.

Syrup and suspension for children specially produced with the taste of jam or berries. Usually, babies do not resist such treatment.

Therefore, the medicine should be kept away from children.

Features of medication:

  • strictly observe the time interval when receiving. It lasts 12 hours. Otherwise the antimicrobial effect will be reduced.
  • drink both pills and suspension only after meals, so as not to damage the stomach
  • The course of treatment is not three, but five days. Not less. Otherwise, it may be possible to add another infection that will not be so easily cured by other antibiotics.

The most common side effects are:

  • rash, urticaria, allergic reaction
  • gastrointestinal disturbances – nausea, diarrhea, stomatitis, loss of appetite
  • change in intestinal microflora – candidiasis (rarely).

Biseptol is not prescribed to pregnant and lactating patients, patients with diseases of the kidneys, liver and blood-forming organs. Children under two months are not recommended to give it.

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