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Chlorophyllipt for the throat: how to rinse it with a solution and spray (instruction)

Chlorophyllipt for the throat: how to rinse it with a solution and spray (instruction)

Sore throat and runny nose – this is perhaps the most common disease among colds. Perhaps all age groups complain about them – from schoolchild to grandfather.

Both girls and men complain. In the pharmacy you can find a lot of medicines to help and get rid of sore throat. We, of course, want to be treated with the most benign drugs of our body, without the side effects that often arise from taking antibiotics.

Some doctors recommend natural Chlorophyllipt for gargling and instilling into the nose.

What is this drug?

Many, having learned about the properties, composition and action of this drug, fall in love with him almost at first sight. The fact is that this means of plant origin. In its composition it has only natural ingredients, namely:

  • eucalyptus extract
  • extract worlds.

The therapeutic properties of Chlorophyllipt for gargling are very impressive, namely:

  • bactericidal
  • antiseptic
  • antimicrobial
  • etiotropic
  • small anesthetic
  • oxygenating cells
  • immunostimulating.

Chlorophyllipt with angina

Angina. Most often this word can be heard from people poorly versed in medicine, but who have a sore throat. In fact, the throat can hurt, as with sore throat, and with pharyngitis, laryngitis.

However, it is with angina that Chlorophyllipt becomes a good remedy.

Sore throat – an inflammatory disease of the tonsils located on two sides of the soft palate. It is often said that angina is purulent.

Why are tonsils inflamed? The reason is in bacteria that are activated in the cavity of the pharynx with a reduced immune system of the body. This most often occurs for two reasons:

  • after freezing, hypothermia
  • in contact with a sick person.

Sore throat can be as mild or moderate to severe. Angina is very dangerous with serious complications of other systems and organs.

That is why it is very important to begin its treatment in due time and not allow bacteria toxins to settle in the joints or the heart.

The classic pathogen of angina is streptococcus. But many types of staphylococcus breed very well at the same time on the tonsils.

Rinsing with Chlorophyllipt washes away the purulent contents from the lacunae of the tonsils and has a full spectrum of action on this staphylococcal infection.

Dosage Forms for Throat Treatment

Chlorophyllipt spray is one of the forms in which our drug is released. Many believe that it is the spray that is needed to treat the throat.

Chlorophyllipt spray is prescribed if the inflammatory process is deep in the throat, and it is physically impossible to touch it with a regular rinse. It is necessary to take this drug seriously, as it can cause a serious allergic reaction from the side of breathing.

Therefore, it is not recommended to prescribe it to children and be sure to check the drug for tolerability.

Chlorophyllipt for the throat: how to rinse it with a solution and spray (instruction)

Chlorophyllipt tablets – a convenient form of the drug, especially for pharyngitis. With pharyngitis, the mucous membrane of the posterior pharyngeal wall suffers and is tormented by a sudden attack and cough.

Often the causative agent of this throat cough is also staphylococcus. Chlorophyllipt perfectly copes with it.

These lozenges are known to be very easy to use, they can be used for a long time.

When lacunar quinsy in the treatment is good to use a combination of an alcohol solution of this drug and a tablet form. First you need to thoroughly rinse the throat to wash out the pus, and then act additionally in the form of a tablet.

The oil solution is mainly used in gastroenterology and gynecology. The instruction on the oil solution confirms this, and in it you will not read that this form is used in the treatment of the throat. But practicing ENT doctors use not only alcohol, but also Chlorophyllipt oil solution, as it gives an excellent therapeutic effect.

It is important to understand that an oil solution is not suitable for gargling. Its use is in lubricating the tonsils and gums to reduce pain.

Drops in the form of an oily solution of Chlorophyllipt are perfectly suitable for sinusitis.

Chlorophyllipt alcohol solution is one of the best natural solutions for the treatment of various forms of tonsillitis. The drug consists of 1 g of extract Chlorophyllipt and 100 g of ethyl alcohol.

This clear greenish liquid is not used in its pure form, it should be diluted to make a 0.025% solution.

How to gargle with Chlorophyllipt?

  1. To wash the throat with this drug, it is necessary to dilute it in certain proportions.
  2. The recommended dose for rinsing is 1 teaspoon of 1% alcohol Chlorophyllipt per half cup of warm boiled water.
  3. Once prepared, you must immediately apply it so that the existing antiseptic properties do not evaporate, and prepare it every time.
  4. Do not swallow the solution, and rinse only the throat.
  5. Rinse after eating. After the procedure, do not take anything in the mouth, including water, for about half an hour.
  6. Rinse for a long time, about five minutes.
  7. To open the free flow of fluid to the tonsils during the procedure, you need to make a sound “s”.
  8. So rinse well throat every three hours.

Since the preparation is of plant origin, it is especially good for children to conduct a sensitivity test in order to avoid strong allergic reactions. For this alcohol solution is diluted with water in half. The resulting solution is necessary to rinse the oral cavity and after eight hours it will be clear whether you can use it in treatment.

Symptoms of intolerance to the components of the drug may be a rash, itching, swollen tongue. If everything is in order, then you can gargle with this solution, as described above.

Alevtina, 45 years old: “My daughter has pharyngitis. Tired of treating him for months. Friends advised to gargle with an alcohol solution of chlorophyllipt.

Tried, liked. Sickness and cough have become much less common. ”

Ekaterina, 30 years old: “With the whole family we love the natural drug Chlorophyllipt, as soon as the sore throat begins, immediately to the pharmacy for pills. And I still like to additionally rinse. ”

Olga Nikitichna, a pensioner: “As soon as my granddaughter paws her nose, I immediately give her the oil droplets. Chlorophyllipt from the cold will bury. The natural composition and price please the most. They cost about 100 rubles – cheap and safe! ”

Dmitry, 22 years old: “I often get sick with sore throats. Previously swallowed antibiotics.

Now the ENT doctor has advised to try to rinse with chlorophyllipt. He said that this remedy is not worse than antibiotics and kills staph.

I buy alcohol solution at 300 rubles per bottle, diluted with water, rinse for several days. It helps.

So, Chlorophyllipt is great for treating diseases of the throat and nose. Gargling with this solution is effective and safe.

It can easily replace antibiotics, which are so necessary for the treatment of purulent tonsillitis, and antiviral drugs for the treatment of ARVI. Inexpensive cost makes the use of this tool available to many.

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