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Cocoa cough oil: instructions for use for treatment

Cocoa cough oil: instructions for use for treatment

Effective treatment of cough can be carried out not only with drugs, which are offered in a huge range of the pharmaceutical industry, but also by alternative means, which are represented by cocoa butter. What is the use of natural fragrant products?

Composition and useful properties

Cocoa butter is a natural product derived from the seeds of the chocolate tree fruit. The tool has found wide application in the confectionery industry, perfumery and cosmetology, medicine.

Vegetable fat is the basis of many ointments and suppositories produced by the pharmaceutical industry.

The oil has a white color, firm, brittle texture and a bright chocolate smell. Solid at room temperature, the oil melts at 33–37 ° C, melts from contact with the skin.

You can buy the product in pharmacies, at specialized exhibitions, in stores or order via the Internet. However, before you buy, be sure to read the instructions: some manufacturers produce a tool exclusively for cosmetic purposes.

Inside such a product can not be taken.

In the composition of the natural product:

  • oleic, lauric and palm acids
  • triglycerides
  • tannins
  • minerals
  • vitamins.

Cocoa butter has the effect of:

  • enveloping and softening
  • regenerating (healing)
  • immunostimulating
  • anti-inflammatory
  • pain reliever
  • expectorant (improves sputum discharge)
  • antitussive (suppresses cough reflex).

Areas of use

Due to the unique properties of the natural product helps to get rid of many diseases, is used in the treatment of:

  • dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections of the skin and other dermatological diseases
  • burns and mechanical damage to the skin (scratches, abrasions, cuts), other skin defects (scars, marks after acne, stretch marks)
  • cough accompanying diseases of the upper respiratory system
  • diseases of the biliary tract
  • cervical erosion, hemorrhoids.

In addition, the use of a natural product allows you to excrete cholesterol from the body, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, thereby preventing the development of atherosclerosis, heart attack and other cardiovascular disorders.

Regular consumption of cocoa butter is a great way to prevent peptic ulcer and reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.

Cocoa butter in the treatment of cough

With colds, coughing, oil:

  • accelerates the healing of damaged mucous membranes of the respiratory tract
  • improves sputum excretion from the bronchi due to expectorant action
  • envelops and softens the inflamed tissue, thereby reducing the intensity of the pain syndrome
  • when applied externally (rubbing), it improves microcirculation in tissues, accelerating the excretion of pathogens and their metabolic products.

Means for oral administration

  1. In pure form. A piece of butter should be rassasyvat like candy. Frequency of use – 5-6 times a day. This remedy relieves sore throat and reduces dry, irritating cough.
  2. With milk. Add cocoa butter to milk (a teaspoon per cup), melt in a water bath. If there is no allergy, you can add honey (about a tablespoon). During the day, take 3-6 glasses of therapeutic agent.
  3. With chocolate. Melt the mixture of butter (tablespoon) and chocolate (¼ tile). The resulting mass is combined with 2 cups of warm milk. Take 2 tablespoons up to 6 times a day.
  4. With badger fat. Mix melted cocoa butter with badger fat (a tablespoon). Cool, wait until the mass hardens. To improve the aromatic properties during preparation, you can add a few drops of cocoa essential oil to the product. The received means to accept before meal on ½ tsp. Due to the high fat content, this mixture is contraindicated in patients with impaired liver and gall bladder.
  5. With propolis ointment. Mix crushed propolis with melted vegetable fat (1:10 ratio). Chilled mixture to take ½ teaspoon before meals no more than 3 times a day.

Outdoor use

  1. For massage. Massaging the lung area with cocoa butter enhances the blood flow to the lungs, thereby facilitating the condition and speeding recovery from respiratory diseases accompanied by coughing.
  2. For lubrication of the nasal passages. Putting oil on the mucous membranes of the nasal passages accelerates recovery from colds, and also serves as a means of preventing respiratory infections.
  3. For inhalation. Quickly get rid of cough inhalation with a mixture of essential oils of cocoa and tea tree (in hot water, add a few drops of oil, inhale therapeutic vapors).


When treating with oil, instructions and recommendations for its use should be strictly followed. In addition, in some cases, the natural product can not be used. Contraindications to the use of funds are:

  • allergies
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • high blood pressure
  • heat.

Doctors do not recommend using the tool for pregnant women, since cocoa is a strong allergen, and in the period of carrying a child, the sensitivity of the female body to many products increases. In addition, when cocoa is consumed, the absorption of calcium, which is necessary for the normal development of the fetus and the health of a pregnant woman, is impaired.

Features of the treatment of children

The use of oil in the treatment of children requires prior consultation of the doctor. The specialist will select the optimal method and dosage of the remedy taking into account the disease and the individual characteristics of the small patient.

Children usually like to be treated with “chocolate” milk (a mixture of milk, melted chocolate and cocoa butter). And if the child is not allergic, then you can add honey to the drink. Natural medicine alleviates pain and sore throat, reduces cough, and contributes to lowering the temperature.

It is possible to strengthen the positive therapeutic effect by lubricating the nasal mucosa and rubbing the breast and back of the small patient. After taking the medicine and rubbing the baby is better to wrap.

Reviews on the use of natural products are ambiguous. Someone means helps to get rid of cough and other unpleasant manifestations of cold, but for others it turns out to be absolutely ineffective.

But everything is strictly individual, it depends both on the type of disease, and on the characteristics and individual susceptibility of the organism of a particular patient.

Cocoa butter – a natural remedy that does not cause side effects and has virtually no contraindications. The product gently and at the same time quickly eliminates cough and other cold symptoms, has a positive effect on the immune system, suitable for the treatment of adults and children.

But if for a couple of days of self-treatment, the cough has not decreased, it is better to consult a doctor. This will help in time to identify a serious disease, to conduct proper treatment and prevent the development of complications.

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