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Cough syrup Gelisal: instructions, reviews of the drug

Cough syrup Gelisal: instructions, reviews of the drug

Cough can cause great discomfort and deprive of peace both day and night, so you want to get rid of him as soon as possible. Is it possible to choose a medicine that will cope with the ailment and at the same time will deal with the problem without causing harm to health?

Gelisal cough syrup is a natural ivy leaf remedy. The drug acts directly on the cough, eliminating it.

The tool has pronounced expectorant properties.

Gelisal syrup is prescribed as a cough treatment and, as the instructions indicate, it has a pronounced effect in diseases of the respiratory system of an infectious-inflammatory nature. Consider in more detail the features of the drug.

Instructions for use

Gelisal syrup has both its own indications and contraindications, as well as features of its use. To begin, let’s talk about the diseases in which the agent is prescribed.

Experts prescribe the drug for such diseases:

  • bronchitis
  • tracheobronchitis
  • bronchial asthma
  • a cold cough, in which the discharge of sputum is difficult.

Proper and regular use of Gelisal has therapeutic properties with a strong cough. Nevertheless, first of all, it is necessary to undergo an examination for an accurate diagnosis.

The dosage of the drug is determined individually by the doctor based on the age of the patient, the severity of the pathological process and the underlying disease. You should not increase the dose, hoping to enhance the therapeutic effect, it can hurt.

Adults and children over ten years old take the product three times a day, one scoop, which is attached in the package. Children under ten take half a spoonful three times a day.

If a child is ill up to five years old, then two times a day is enough. Assign syrup from the first year of life.

Seven days are usually enough for recovery, but in some cases, the doctor may decide to extend the treatment process. In each individual case may be their dosage and treatment.


Syrup is not prescribed in such cases:

  • hypersensitivity to ivy
  • fructose intolerance
  • peptic ulcer
  • gestation period
  • lactation.

In no case can syrup be administered at the same time as antitussives. The fact is that this group of drugs affects the cough center and blocks the appearance of cough, and expectorant syrup, on the contrary, dilutes sputum and affects its production. What happens in the body when exposed to these two groups of drugs?

The expectorant drug will contribute to the development of sputum, and antitussives will not allow it to depart. Mucus secretion will accumulate in the body, worsening the patient’s condition.

Gelisal syrup has positive feedback from both patients and specialists, who often prescribe a drug.

The doctor gave me recommendations regarding the dosage and the duration of the treatment, but when I felt better and had a cough, I stopped the treatment ahead of time – and in vain. After a while, the cough resumed again, but only I myself was to blame.

And so, in general, the tool is very good, it helps effectively and at the same time safely save the patient from the disease.

So, Gelisal syrup is a wonderful remedy that helps eliminate cough. The tool is made on a plant-based and does not contain harmful substances.

The tool is suitable for the treatment of adults and for the treatment of children. Yet you should not engage in self-treatment, only the doctor has the right to select the dosage and therapeutic course.

Do not delay the treatment, at the very first symptoms of the disease, contact your doctor to undergo a diagnostic examination.

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