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Does Imudon help with angina, tonsillitis and how to apply it

Does Imudon help with angina, tonsillitis and how to apply it

Imudon is an immunomodulating resorption pill. ENT doctors and pediatricians often prescribe this drug in combination with other drugs to fight purulent tonsillitis or chronic tonsillitis.

It is no secret that many parents are very worried and tired when their beloved children suffer from throat diseases, not only with the onset of cold weather, but also in hot summer. Having tried all sorts of means, both folk grandmothers and classical traditional, they find the drug Imudon, which solves this problem for a long time.

Despite the rather big price of the drug, watching the first improvements in the future, parents do not spare money to treat their children.

Indications for use of Imudon

  • chronic tonsillitis
  • acute purulent tonsillitis
  • pharyngitis
  • stomatitis
  • gingivitis.

How does Imudon work

The patient absorbs the pill. She, dissolving and mixing with saliva, prompts the body’s natural defenses to become active. In medicine, this is called activating or raising immunity.

The composition of the drug has additional special ingredients that help the main substance to remain in the mouth and throat for about two hours. Then you should take another dose of medication so that the concentration of the immunostimulant remains constant in the body and has a therapeutic effect.

The main active ingredient of Imudon is lysates. Lysates are decay products of streptococci, staphylococci, enterococci and some other types of bacteria.

Using a special sophisticated technology, the mixture of bacteria lysates is dried and compressed into tablets.

If the immunity of the child or adult is weakened, then the bacteria listed above, constantly in the throat, begin to multiply vigorously. Imudon becomes a solution to this problem.

The instructions accompanying the preparation are quite detailed.

Imudon can be taken by children from 3 years. Dose – 1 tablet every 2 hours, but not more than 6 pieces per day.

Adults and children from 14 years old to dissolve 1 tablet every hour, but not more than 8 per day. Take only in the daytime, because at night it is better to give the body a rest.

The course of treatment is usually up to 10 days.

Very convenient is that the pills do not need to swallow, but just keep in your mouth, slowly dissolving.

Those patients whom Imudon has proven to be suitable for the acute process of the disease, the doctor may prescribe this drug for prophylaxis, especially for chronic diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx. In this case, it is advisable to take 1 tablet every 2 hours.

For this purpose, it is recommended to take an average of 20 days.

It is very important not to use water, other liquid and not to eat during the resorption and within an hour. The liquid will reduce the concentration of the active substance and the effect will significantly decrease.

It is important to understand that treatment with Imudon may not give the expected effect in case of atypical pathogens of the disease. Your doctor will warn you about this and ask to keep in touch with him for the first 24 hours.

To understand whether Imudon will help you, you can observe the course of the disease and the change in the patient’s condition during the first days. If relief does not come, you should inform your doctor and he should cancel this remedy.
Experienced pediatricians and ENT doctors report that Imudon helps with bacterial and fungal lesions of the oral cavity and pharynx. But if the cause is allergy, tuberculosis or viral infection, then the result should not be expected.

Possible adverse symptoms

Anxiety side effects that urgently need to stop taking the medication: tickling and cough, increasing pain, rash, swelling in the throat, skin rash, fever, nausea and vomiting, pain in the abdomen. But do not worry in advance, as this happens very rarely.

Reviews on the Internet can be bright and enthusiastic. Many people rejoice that Imudon is not a scary antibiotic for many, and therefore is completely safe.

But experience and common sense suggest that we should treat everything with a balanced and responsible attitude. Especially if our patient is allergic.

In this case, it is better to choose another treatment method.
It is important to remember that there are sodium salts unsafe for the kidneys in the preparation. They are an excipient, but can lead to an exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis, and even hypertensive crisis.

Imudon and small children

Imudon is not prescribed to children under 3 years old, since such small children simply will not hold a pill in their mouth and dissolve for a long time. They will want to chew it, and then such a “treatment” will be simply useless.

Important! In no case can you appoint Imudon yourself!

These pills are available without a prescription, like many other drugs. On the Internet on all sorts of sites you can find different reviews, both positive and not very flattering, about Imudone with tonsillitis.

A more important reason is that the body of the child at this age grows and forms. Imudon is a very active drug. It can lead to strong changes in the immune system of the baby.

This will lead to more serious problems than tonsillitis.

If the pediatrician determines that the causative agent of sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis or stomatitis is a bacterial infection, then he may prescribe Imudon to children older than 3 years. It is desirable that preschool children dissolve tablets under the supervision of adults.

But the urgent human request: seek advice from your doctor! And also, applying a maximum of mental abilities, read the annotation to the medicine.

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