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Dolphin (Dolphin) for washing the nose, how to do it correctly (instruction)

Dolphin (Dolphin) for washing the nose, how to do it correctly (instruction)

It is impossible to cure sinusitis without washing the nasal passages and synovial sinuses. Doctors say that the mild form of this disease of viral origin can be canceled only by thorough washing. In the pharmacy you can find the traditional for these purposes saline solution, spray with exotic sea water, antiseptics.

Dolphin for sinus is another remedy for this purpose.

What is Dolphin?

Dolphin is a new development of medical scientists from Novosibirsk. But one cannot argue that it is unique in its own way.

Because there is its early analogue called Aquamaris production Croatia. In its composition and method of washing it is identical to the Russian. Their cost is about the same.

Dolphin manufacturers offer to try and compare the effect of funds. Dolphin is said to have a softer effect.

Dolphin Composition

Many people know that the main role in washing the cavities of the human body has a saline solution. This solution in its concentration is the same as the fluid inside the human body, for example, blood and equals 0.9%.

All means for washing, both the most common and imported, are expensive, consisting primarily of this saline solution. Dolphin is no exception.

But the mineral salt of this drug contains non-evaporated water of the Perm Ocean. So, the composition of Dolphin powder:

  • mineral crystals of various salts (chloride, coal, salt)
  • compounds of iodine, bromine, silicon, nitrogen, phosphorus
  • magnesium, selenium and zinc
  • rosehip extract
  • licorice root extract.

Herbal extracts provide anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. And the compound sodium chloride with iodine leads to an antiseptic effect.

Iodine molecules in combination with other components moisturize the mucous epithelium and prevent the formation of crusts inside the nose. The powder in the complex restores tissues disturbed by the disease.

Using this system for washing, most often do not need vasoconstrictor drops from a cold.

The Dolphin system is suitable for flushing people who, because of their professional activities, have been in dusty, smoky rooms, clinics and hospitals where respiratory viruses are most likely. Dolphin is prescribed for the treatment of ENT diseases:

  • viral and bacterial rhinitis
  • chronic rhinitis
  • sinusitis, including sinusitis
  • Athletic Rhinitis in Athletes
  • with adenoids
  • snore.

It is used during the preparation for the operation of the synovial sinuses.

Dolphin Products

The Dolphin standard set includes a washing device and 30 bags of dry powder.

Economy set also consists of a device and 10 bags of powder.

Dolphin (Dolphin) for washing the nose, how to do it correctly (instruction)

Allergy dolphin differs from the standard set in that the composition of the powders is different. Vegetative components are excluded from it for avoidance of an allergic reaction to hips and licorice root.

Children’s Dolphin set. Device for the kids of another, smaller size. It includes 120 ml of fluid, 60 for each synovial sinus. The amount of powder in the bag is also less than in the standard – 1 gram.

Designed for children from four years.

Aerosol inhaler is convenient because you can carry it with you and use it not only at home. It contains essential oils – menthol, eucalyptus, camphor.

In the absence of allergies to these components is perfect as a mobile drug.

Separate powders are produced for adults – 2 grams each, and for children – 1 gram each. Additional powders are often purchased by those patients who have used this complex more than once.

A reusable plastic device is usually left for future use, and packages with a tool just need to be purchased and used.

How does the bottle

The manufacturers of the Dolphin rinsing system claim that it is specifically designed for the most convenient method of rinsing the nose.

This is a bottle with a capacity of 240 ml for adults, or 120 ml for a child. The metering plug is designed to fit snugly to the nasal opening and not to release the liquid.

It is this cap that makes the device so convenient and efficient. A plastic tube for supplying liquid from the bottom of the vial is inserted into the metering plug.

Bottles for children and adults, except for the size, are completely identical. But, nevertheless, this bottle, although reusable, is subject to individual use.

Therefore, do not listen to advisers that one bottle is enough for the whole family.

In addition, the price of the device is not prohibitive, and it can be purchased for each patient individually. In Russia, the drug can be purchased at a price ranging from 300 rubles.

Washing instructions

Instructions for use attached to each package. But to many, this procedure seems too complicated, unpleasant and even painful. So, here are a few steps on how to flush your nose with the Dolphin system:

  1. Bend over the sink at an angle of 90 degrees. Tightly insert the vial spout into the nostril. Open your mouth. Inhale and hold your breath. Slowly squeeze the vial. The solution, washing one half of the nose and sinus, should flow through the other nostril. You need to enter half the liquid. Without opening the bottle, take it to the side. Blow your nose. And do the same with the second half of the nose.
  2. The following manipulation is needed to remove residual solution and mucus from the nasal passages. Empty the bottle to squeeze, tightly insert into the nostril, close the opposite nostril with a hand, creating a vacuum, and unclench the bottle. Before that, also inhale and hold your breath. Negative pressure will cause mucus and fluid to suck into the tube of the vial. Manipulation repeat for the second nostril.
  3. Fill the entire medicinal powder into the vial, add 240 ml of water for adults, or 120 ml for the child. Water should be boiled. Her temperature is 35 degrees, no more, no less. Twist and shake.

Manufacturers recommend rinsing the nose in this way up to three times a day. But how many times to wash, you will know by your well-being and new accumulation of mucus.

Duration can be any, because it does not harm.


Despite several advantages, convenience and efficiency, there is a list of contraindications, as for any other medical drug. It is important to know that Dolphin complex cannot be used in the following cases:

  • fully blocked nasal passages
  • with otitis and affection for him
  • with curvature of nasal septum
  • with a tendency to bleed from the nose
  • allergic to ingredients
  • children up to 4 years.

If we ignore these warnings, then manipulations can provoke otitis, nosebleeds, an allergic reaction.

In children, the structure of organs is very different from adults. The auditory or Eustachian tube is rather short and is located so that the liquid easily passes through it into the ear. Therefore, once again we recommend not to treat babies up to four years.

And older children only use the children’s device.

Student – “Earlier, often with aching sinus, every year I lay in hospitals. Punctures, antibiotics, cuckoos.

Now I do not allow sinusitis to develop. Just buying bags with Dolphin, the good thing is that I myself have a bottle for a long time.

I dilute it with some water and wash my sinuses many times a day. A few days of procedures and I once again escaped antritis! ”

Young mother, 28 years old – “The washing procedure is not really pleasant. But I think that you can suffer.

After all, the effect is there right away. The nose starts to breathe.

She persuaded her husband, now he sets a fine example for children, agreeing to flush his nose. ”

Woman, 35 years old – “My son is 15 years old, and he, having tried to wash once, refused categorically. Husband, on the contrary, liked it!

As soon as he paws his nose, he immediately asks him to prepare this wonderful mortar. ”

Man, 30 years old – “I used to often wash my nose with a solution of ordinary salt, because I saved. Once I tried Dolphin system for antritis and I liked it, especially because there are herbs in addition.

Yes, and the reusable device itself was liked. ”

Girl, 22 years old – “I read reviews about Dolphin, and also decided to try. But disappointed!

The feeling that I, on the contrary, sank even more, tingling in my throat, the entire left side of my face hurts. I turned to the ENT doctor.

It turned out that I have a crooked nasal septum, the treatment with this system does not suit me. ”

Retired, 55 years old – “My 5-year-old granddaughter had constant snot, we were simply exhausted, that only she didn’t drip. Saw an advertisement Dolphin, decided to try, and this time they were not mistaken. A wonderful tool!

It came to us and helps! Even after the walk there is no cold! ”

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