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Herbion syrup for dry and wet cough: instructions reviews

Herbion syrup for dry and wet cough: instructions reviews

Herbion for cough is a modern cough treatment. Coughing is the most common complaint that patients refer to a doctor. This is a constant symptom of infectious diseases, diseases of the respiratory system, heart, and even the digestive system.

It causes severe discomfort. A coughing person cannot visit public places, since it is not pleasant to anyone to hear harsh sounds. I want to quickly get rid of these intolerable coughing episodes, because they often arise in the most inappropriate place.

A great desire is to find an effective medicine.

Probably, in several years you have already tried various syrups, drops, tablets. But the choice of the drug from this annoying symptom depends on the underlying disease as well as on the nature of the cough.

About cough and sputum

  • Dry – without sputum, paroxysmal, throat and sore throat.
  • Wet – the name speaks of itself. This is a cough with sputum.

Sputum is a fluid that is produced by the mucous membranes of the human respiratory system. Often it is thick and viscous.

Herbion syrup with a wet cough helps to dilute and excrete it. If sputum is not present, it is necessary to soften the mucous membrane and reduce its irritation.

For this, Gerbion is suitable for dry coughing.

Before deciding to buy any medicine, especially for children, you need to consult an experienced specialist. Your doctor will establish the correct diagnosis and advise one of the best drugs to relieve the onset of illness.

Herbion on the basis of the plantain

How does the Gerbion dry cough:

  • envelops
  • stimulates the immune system
  • eliminates microorganisms.

The main component of this syrup is an extract (extract) of plantain and mallow inflorescences. Additionally added ascorbic acid in a loading dose.

The extract of these plant components contains a large amount of mucus. It perfectly protects and envelops the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.

A thin film appears on the surface. It is she who protects the throat and soothes the attack.

The fact is that saponins are part of the plantain lanceolate. These particular substances affect the receptors of the gastric mucosa. And it stimulates the work of the bronchial glands.

In simple words, the sputum from a viscous state turns into a more liquid. Its quantity also increases.

To facilitate breathing and calm the endless dry cough, poppy-based potion contains mallow flowers. Their concentrated extract can reduce inflammation and significantly reduce the cough reflex.

When respiratory viral diseases (ARVI) significantly reduced immunity. To activate it, the producer added special polysaccharides and ascorbic acid to the plantain-based syrup.

Also, vitamin C perfectly strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which is very important for the cough reflex without sputum production.

What diseases prescribe plantain syrup

  • Infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.
  • Catarrhal diseases of the respiratory system.
  • “Smoker’s cough.”

It is good to remember that Herbion syrup is prescribed as part of a complex treatment, because it helps to get rid of cough only as a symptom, but not from the disease! For the treatment of the underlying disease, the doctor will prescribe additional drugs.


Instructions for use of syrup Gerbion necessarily attached. It is possible to learn in detail how to apply this medicine.

Additionally, it can be recalled that for the therapeutic effect it is necessary to take it with a large amount of warm water or any other liquid.

Since this remedy is natural, it is allowed to prescribe it even to children from two years. The medicine release form is not a pill, but a sweet syrup.

Therefore, it is not difficult for parents to give it to their child. An adequate treatment course is usually 5–7 days.

It is important to know that the herbion with plantain syrup is not taken together with antitussive and anesthetic drugs that contain codeine. Codeine inhibits the cough reflex.

In this case, already liquid and abundant sputum can not get out of the bronchi. It is very dangerous!

Primrose-based Herbion

In the case of a wet cough, we will need a different type of Herbion syrup.

Composition of Herbiona for wet cough:

  • primrose water root extract
  • thyme herb extract liquid (thyme)
  • menthol.

How does the Herbion for wet cough

Saponins from primrose root extract play the primary role in the treatment of wet cough:

  • work of bronchopulmonary system improves
  • sputum is liquefied
  • its discharge is facilitated
  • cough receptors are less irritated
  • cough reflex suppressed.

Especially useful is the active ingredient in old age. In older people, the heart is less active.

In this regard, the provision of blood to the lungs is also deteriorating. Therefore, we hear a constant natural senile cough.

Primrose saponins improve blood circulation and thus contribute to the removal of unnecessary fluids.

Thyme herb contains timol. It is an excellent antiseptic. Relieves spasms of the bronchi by relaxing the muscles of the bronchi.

Anesthetizes and removes phlegm.

Menthol eases and refreshes breath, reduces inflammation.

The instructions explain in detail how to take the syrup. It is just a reminder to your doctor’s prescription. Usually, a syrup with a wet cough is taken after eating.

Wash it down with a large volume of water or any warm liquid. Liquid is necessary for metabolism, especially when the body is sick and can not cope with its function.

Application of syrup Gerbion with primrose

  1. Tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia.
  2. Smoker’s cough.
  3. Senile cough.
  4. Antispasmodic cough.

General contraindications of syrup Gerbion

Herbion syrup basically contains natural plant ingredients. But despite this, like any medicine, it has a number of contraindications:

  • high sensitivity to syrup components
  • age up to two years
  • diseases of the stomach and duodenum 12 (gastritis, ulcer)
  • diabetes mellitus (controlled by blood sugar)
  • hereditary fructose intolerance
  • impaired absorption of glucose and galactose.

Possible side effects

Nausea, vomiting, intestinal upset. Allergic manifestations in the form of itching, dermatitis.

The drug can not be taken during pregnancy (in the first trimester) and breastfeeding. In the second and third trimesters – only under the supervision of a gynecologist.

The drug Gerbion produces Slovenia. Therefore, the price of this natural syrup is slightly above average.

You can pick up an analogue of Herbion for dry cough. For example, Dr. Theiss with plantain syrup.

Another analogue is cough syrup with domestic and mother-and-stepmother.

How to choose the right syrup?

The choice depends on the type of cough and on the time of illness. Usually, the first few days, patients suffer from bouts without sputum. In this situation, we will take Gerbion with plantain.

After a couple of days, you can feel relief – the cough has become wet. Therefore, it is advisable to change the agent for Gerbion with primrose in order to increase sputum discharge.

Reviews of patients indicate that treatment with these drugs is effective, safe, transient, pleasant.

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