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How to drink milk with garlic and cough onions

How to drink milk with garlic and cough onions

No wonder onions and garlic are becoming especially popular during the season of colds. They differ in antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, so they can be used in the treatment of colds in different variations.

As a remedy for cough, traditional medicine proposes to combine these spices with milk.

How does the remedy work?

Such medicine softens cough, helps reduce throat irritation, stimulates sputum discharge.

The recipe is relevant not only in cases when it is necessary to get rid of cough as from the manifestation of a cold, but also in case of bronchopneumonia, bronchitis, smoker’s cough.

How to prepare the medicine?

To prepare milk with garlic cough, you need 200 ml of milk and 3 cloves of garlic. Milk put on the stove and bring to a boil. The teeth are thrown into the already warm milk and wait until the teeth are softened.

To improve the taste in the mixture, you can add half a spoonful of honey.

Onion Recipe

Another recipe suggests using cough milk with onions. Garlic is also added to this product.

Onions and garlic thoroughly cleaned and crushed. In total 2 onions and 3-4 heads of fresh garlic are required. Slightly warmed milk (600 ml) is added to the resulting mass, and then the mixture is placed on a small fire on the stove.

Keep the mixture on fire until the garlic is completely soft. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that the milk does not boil.

To enhance the effect, it is recommended to add a spoonful of mint juice to the resulting drink. Mint juice, like honey, is added last.

After the drink has cooled (it will be as warm as possible, but so that it can be drunk), it should be taken immediately.

Take a mixture of milk with garlic and onions in a few teaspoons (2-3 spoons) 5-6 times a day. If the disease is in the initial stage, the effect will be noticeable after the first dose. You can even give the drug to children from 4 years of age.

However, before using any cough treatment methods, it is recommended to consult a doctor. In the case of treatment of children, this item becomes mandatory.

The taste will be quite specific, but not nasty. Adding honey and mint will neutralize it even more.

The smell from the mouth after the use of such a tool should also not be very disturbed.

If during prolonged treatment (several days) it was not possible to achieve tangible results, then it is necessary to consult a specialist without fail. This remedy is very effective and usually helps to significantly improve well-being after just a few tricks.

One should not forget that sometimes national recipes are powerless, for example, if the disease is serious, antibiotics may be required. Therefore, to rely only on home remedies is not always correct.

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