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Silence Forte from snoring: reviews, instructions for use

Silence Forte from snoring: reviews, instructions for use

Snoring is one of the common problems of many families. Unpleasant sound due to impaired passage of air through the narrowed airway. According to statistics, every third inhabitant of the globe suffers from snoring.

Despite this prevalence of the disease, this problem is quite serious, it can threaten the development of serious complications, including heart attacks and strokes.

Sometimes snoring is accompanied by the development of obstructive apnea syndrome, in which breathing stops for a while. The person himself wakes up from the sounds that he makes, as a result of which the brain cannot fully relax.

This leads to chronic sleep deprivation, during the day a person constantly wants to sleep, his performance and mental activity is significantly reduced.

Disease of the nasal cavity, larynx and pharynx, increase of the uvula, increase and sagging of the soft palate, obesity, alcohol abuse, taking hypnotic drugs, smoking – all this and much more can serve as a catalyst for the development of rhonchopathy.

Currently, there are a large number of devices that eliminate snoring, depending on the causes of its occurrence: drugs, devices, clips, patches and much more. How to choose a suitable solution to your problem?

Before proceeding to treatment, it is important to undergo a diagnosis. Treatment depends on the etiological factors. Often doctors prescribe Silence forte for snoring.

What is this tool, what features does it have?

Instructions for use

Silence Forte is the newest Russian-made medicine. It is produced in the form of a spray and a feature of its action is the effect on the physiological causes of ronchopathy.

Consider the unique composition of snoring spray:

  • soy lecithin extract (phosphatidylcholine)
  • glycerol
  • carrageenan
  • dog rose berry extract
  • surkaloza
  • mint and tangerine flavors
  • sodium propyl paraben
  • sodium methylparaben
  • sodium dihydrogen phosphate
  • sodium hydrogen phosphate
  • distilled water.

Separately, I want to highlight the following components of the drug:

  • extract of elecampane. This component helps to relax the muscles of the larynx and the sky. Necacel has expectorant action and relieves cough
  • essential oil of lavender, cinnamon, eucalyptus. These oils relieve tension and give the product a pleasant taste.
  • grape seed oil, apricot kernels. They contain vitamin E, which has a softening effect.

Due to the harmoniously selected composition, the regulation of the normal respiratory cycle occurs. Spray removes bronchospasm and irritation from the bronchi. With infectious and allergic inflammation, Silence Forte helps to clear the bronchi.

In addition, the drug has an antioxidant effect, increasing the body’s resistance.

pharmachologic effect

Silence Forte affects the very cause of ronhopathy, the soft palate tissue. The spray nozzle with which the product is equipped converts the medicinal substance into foam.

It envelops the oral cavity, resulting in reduced vibration of the tissues of the soft palate. Foam has a softening effect.

The duration of the therapeutic effect persists throughout the night.

The drug improves air flow through the respiratory tract. As a result, breathing is improved and dry oropharynx increases. These signs are indisputable proof of the action of the spray, after about a couple of days they will pass by themselves.

Despite the fact that dry mouth is ranked as a side effect, it is still evaluated as a positive effect of the drug.

In addition to the main action, Silence Forte relieves the tension of the vocal cords and sore throat. That is why it is used by teachers, artists, singers.

Also means a fresh breath.

Silence Forte is used for such diseases: snoring, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, whooping cough, chronic bronchitis, nephrosis and asthenia, which are accompanied by respiratory failure, stomatitis, periodontal disease, ARVI, hypothermia, etc.

Application features

Experts recommend using Silence Forte just before going to bed. Three sprays are sufficient to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.

To avoid blockages, after each use, remove the nozzle and rinse it under running water.

After using the spray should not eat or even drink water. If you have forgotten and, for example, accidentally drank water, the procedure should be repeated.

It is not recommended to combine the use of the drug and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol significantly reduces the therapeutic effect of Silence Forte.

If you still take alcohol, then before spraying the spray should rinse the mouth cavity with natural water.

Do not think that Silence Forte is a panacea. Yes, it eliminates snoring, but with obstructive sleep apnea it will not help, because there are completely different etiological factors involved.

Also, with anomalies of the structure of the spray, as, indeed, any other drug, the result will not give. But when edema of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, weakness of muscle tissue or infectious processes of the pharynx means will be effective.

Do not take the tool for individual intolerance. Some decide to use the drug themselves as a treatment.

Yet in some situations, self-medication is unacceptable, and they require immediate treatment to a specialist: daily snoring for a month, lack of results of treatment, pronounced intensity of snoring with respiratory arrest, the presence of other diseases (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular pathology).

Silence Forte Reviews

In most cases, customer reviews are positive. They note that already after the first application there are significant results.

With regards to negative statements, most of them are due to self-treatment.

So, Silence Forte is an effective remedy for ronhopathy. The spray has a unique composition, which provides a range of therapeutic actions: antioxidant, emollient, anti-edema, and others. The drug fights not only snoring, but also other diseases. The popularity of the spray due to high efficiency, fast results, almost no side effects and contraindications.

Before proceeding to treatment, be sure to pass the examination. Silence Forte is not effective for all types of ronchopathy.

Follow the recommendations of the doctor and carefully read the instructions for use.

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