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Sinuforte remedy for sinus: reviews, instructions, analogues of drugs

Sinuforte remedy for sinus: reviews, instructions, analogues of drugs

When sinusitis occurs inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, which may be the result of running rhinitis or cold on the legs. Treatment of sinusitis involves the use of an integrated approach, with the main goal is to remove the disease secret.

One of the drugs that is used is Sinuforte.

This medicine comes in the form of a spray, Sinuforte’s antritis drops are not produced. It is of vegetable origin and contains extract and cyclamen juice. Recipes based on this plant can be found in traditional medicine.

They also help in the treatment of chronic sinusitis, polyps, adenoids.

When antritis is observed accumulation of pus in the sinuses, air circulation is hampered, mucus becomes thick, the nose does not breathe.

Effect of use

Reviews of doctors and patients say that Sinuforte from antritis is an effective drug: it normalizes the outflow of mucus from the maxillary sinuses, provides natural drainage, restores breathing through the nose.

The drug should be used with caution to people who suffer from allergic reactions to plants or food. The effect of taking Sinuforte they may be the opposite. When using the medication, indeed, some side effects are possible: headaches, tearing, burning in the nose, sneezing.

Another side effect may be staining of secreted mucus in a pink color, which is associated with the diapetesis of nasal capillaries. In cases where these phenomena are short-lived, you can continue using the medication.

However, if the condition worsens (the nose lays even more, swelling increases, skin reactions appear), then the drug should be canceled immediately and consult a doctor.

Regardless of whether traditional methods of treatment of rhinitis are used or a pharmaceutical preparation, it is necessary to strictly follow the permitted dosage, since an overdose of saponins may adversely affect the respiratory and cardiovascular, as well as the nervous system. In addition, it should be remembered that cyclamen tubers contain toxic substances.

When studying the effect of the drug, no irritating effects on the mucous membrane or adverse reactions of the body caused by the absorption of active substances were detected.

Drug use

It will be necessary to dissolve the powder (lyophilisate) in water for injection. The package contains instructions that explain in detail how the lyophilisate is diluted. The main solution is to thoroughly dissolve the powder.

Immediately before use, it is necessary to spray the agent into the air 2 times, and when injected into the nasal cavity, it is necessary to hold the breath, as the substance is in the respiratory tract.

Application Restrictions

The drug should not be used in the following patient groups:

  • those who are likely to develop allergies to components of plant origin
  • in the presence of polyps and cysts in the sinuses near the nose
  • with susceptibility to hypertension.

Also, the tool is prohibited to use during pregnancy and lactation. Despite the fact that the instructions indicate the age limit for treating children from 5 years old, the drug is not recommended to be given before the onset of adolescence (in some sources – from 12, in others – from 16 years).

In general, Sinuforte is intended for the treatment of adults, since it is not known how the children’s organism will react to it.

With one spraying, 2 drops of the drug fall into the nasal cavity. The volume of the bottle involves the use of 35 sprays.

Use the spray should be careful to avoid contact with the eyes, as this may cause irritation or lead to conjunctivitis.

Spray should not be used simultaneously with certain groups of drugs (with nasal administration):

  • local anesthetics
  • antiallergic
  • vasoconstrictor drugs.

Lines of action

Sinuforte is used for the following diseases:

  • sinusitis – in their number, except for sinusitis, includes frontal, ethmoiditis
  • otitis media – an inflammatory process that affects the middle ear
  • Rhinitis is an acute inflammatory process of the nasal mucosa, which may also have an allergic nature.

The duration of action after spraying is about 2 hours. At first uses, thick purulent discharges can be observed. Later, the discharge becomes transparent, the sinuses are cleansed, breathing returns to normal.

Symptoms of sinusitis disappear after about 6 days of using the tool.

Spray is used daily or every other day by one injection into each nostril. Depending on the regimen, the duration of treatment is also established: with daily use – 8 days, when used every 2 days – 16 days.

A full antibiotic treatment program and allergy pills should be discussed with your doctor. We should not forget that sinusitis is a serious disease, and inflammatory processes take place near the brain, so self-medication or discharge from the prescribed scheme is not allowed.

Antibiotics will help increase the effectiveness of treatment. You should also regularly flush the nose with a hypertonic or antiseptic solution. This will accelerate the flow of mucus.

Do not ignore antibiotics if prescribed by a doctor. If you refuse them, there is a likelihood of the symptoms returning immediately after stopping the drug.

The fact is that Sinuforte does not inhibit the action of the bacteria that caused the inflammation.

For uncomplicated forms of the disease, only a spray can be used, without prescribing antibiotics. However, if the improvements do not occur within 4 days, they must be included in the treatment regimen.

Use of analogues

To date, the analogue on the market is not represented. A similar action will have cyclomen tincture cooked at home. Its use should also be discussed with your doctor.

As for pharmacy products, Nasodren and Maximino can be considered as analogues, but their effectiveness has not been confirmed.


Cases of overdose were not observed. But it is necessary to know that the use of the drug in a larger volume than indicated does not lead to an increase in the therapeutic effect. And adverse reactions may increase.

If you feel a strong burning sensation, you should wash the nasopharynx with water, rinse the throat and drink an anti-allergy drug (Claritin, Suprastin, Tavegil).

How to apply?

  1. First, open the two bottles in the package. In one there is water for injections, in the second – a lyophilisate.
  2. Water is poured into a bottle of powder, set the dispenser and carefully shaken.
  3. Then you need to remove the protective cover and make a few sprays into the air.
  4. The dispenser is inserted into the nostril, spraying is done, while you need to keep your head straight and hold your breath. The procedure is repeated by inserting the dispenser into the second nostril.

The cost of the drug can not be called democratic. The average price fluctuates around 2500 thousand rubles. However, considering the effectiveness of the drug, we can say that the price is justified.

One package is enough for the full course of treatment. Also, in addition to high efficiency, it is necessary to note the speed with which it operates.

Another advantage is that Sinuforte is not addictive.

Reviews of the drug can be found many, while opinions are quite contradictory. Someone praises the medicine, saying that it helped to quickly eliminate all the symptoms of sinusitis, someone – claims that the purchase was a waste of money.

Given the cost, really, you should not buy it yourself. It makes sense to do this after examining the doctor and making a diagnosis.

As an example, the following reviews.

Before you buy a spray, studied the reviews, and most of them turned out to be positive. As a result, bought – and no effect, except for burning.

Used a week and went to the doctor.

My sinusitis was accompanied by severe headaches and toothaches. When I started using Sinuforte, it became easier.

From all the symptoms, including the complications, it was possible to get rid of in 2 weeks.

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