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Sore throat spray, reviews of the drug Anti-Angin

Sore throat spray, reviews of the drug Anti-Angin

In angina, the use of sprays refers to the methods of local treatment, as they directly act on the sore throat. The spray device is such that the liquid inside the bottle is mechanically sprayed when pressed.

Sore throat spray is effective in treating this disease, as it is evenly sprayed on the surface of the tonsils, which allows the drug substance to perform its therapeutic functions.

Advantages of the dosage form

Treatment of tonsils in angina is a necessary component of the treatment of this disease. They need to be carefully processed from all sides. But often this becomes problematic, since access to them is somewhat limited.

Therefore, spray irrigation is well suited for irrigating the tonsils as a form of medicinal substance.

Its advantages are as follows:

  • usability
  • ability to adjust dosage
  • targeted spraying
  • self-use opportunities, except for small children.

Spray for tonsillitis is usually used no more than 3 times a day. Pharmacies offer a wide range of drugs that can eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of angina.

However, their reception should be carried out after the appointment of the attending physician.

Although rarely anyone knows how to use the spray, you need to know the rules for using the aerosol form of the medicine. It is advisable to adhere to the following recommendations for maximum benefit.

The medicine is applied after meals. It is necessary that the active components of the drug longer remain on the surface of the inflamed tonsils. During spraying the bottle should be kept upright.

You can not tilt it or turn it over. At the time of spraying hold your breath.

Spray need not in the center of the throat, but on the sides, in the location of the tonsils.

It is impossible to determine which spray is the best, since not all drugs combine actions against all manifestations of angina at the same time. In addition, even the most effective drug that is suitable for one patient may be contraindicated in other patients, so they will not be able to appreciate its effect.

All sprays by the nature of the action are divided into:

  • antiseptic
  • antibacterial
  • painkillers
  • anti-inflammatory.

Antibacterial aerosols for the treatment of angina

Sprays with an antibacterial component can destroy pathogens that cause the development of tonsillitis. As it is known, antibiotics belong to the category of drugs that should be used only as prescribed by a doctor.

As for the treatment of children, this form of the drug is not suitable for a child under 3 years of age. As a result of irrigation laryngospasm may develop. Antibacterial sprays should be prescribed in the presence of the following symptoms of angina:

  • severe sore throat
  • heat
  • severe swelling of the tonsils and the appearance of white patina on their surface
  • pain of submandibular lymph nodes.

Unlike antibacterial, antiseptic sprays can affect pathogenic microflora, but not completely destroy it, but only to prevent further spread of infection.

With bacterial sore throat, bioparox is often prescribed. It is a spray containing the antibacterial substance fusafungin.

He is able to quickly destroy pathogenic microorganisms that cause the occurrence of the disease, thereby helping to improve the condition of the patient.

One of the effective spray for local use in the treatment of ENT diseases is StopAngin. This is a combined drug that combines several different actions. The duration of its action reaches 12 hours.

The active ingredient of the drug is hexetidine.

In addition to antibacterial and antiseptic, it has antiviral and fungicidal action. In addition, it has a slight anesthetic effect.

The combination of essential oils in its composition can reduce the feeling of discomfort in the throat.

This drug is contraindicated in children under 6 years of age and in women at the beginning of pregnancy, in the first trimester. In addition, this medicine is not prescribed to patients with atrophic pharyngitis, as well as to persons with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Possible side effects include local reactions in the form of a burning sensation on the oral mucosa. Allergic manifestations are not excluded.

Bioparox also, like StopAngin, has positive reviews from individuals who have been treated with these drugs.

Combination drugs in the fight against tonsillitis

Sore throat is accompanied by manifestations such as redness, swelling and sore throat when swallowing. Sprays with anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effects will help to eliminate such symptoms. Local remedies that have this effect include Tantum Verde, Orasept, Cameton and Anti-Angin.

Among other preparations of local antiseptic action, Miramistin deserves attention. It has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, contribute to the strengthening of local immunity. Active against many types of bacteria, germs and viruses.

Approved for use by children from 3 years.

In addition, sprays for treating sore throats can contain iodine as an active ingredient. One of the popular drugs in this category is Lugol. It has a local irritating, bactericidal, antiseptic and antifungal effects.

It is suitable for the treatment of adults and children, and the only contraindication to its use is an increased sensitivity to iodine. But it is contraindicated for pregnant women.

If a sore throat occurs with severe pain in the throat, it is necessary to use drugs with an anesthetic effect. The analgesic component is present in such sprays.

These drugs include Anti-angina, Tantum Verde, Strepsils plus, Septolete plus, Kameton, Orasept.

One of the most popular means in the form of a spray, which is used for angina, is Tantum Verde. The active substance is benzydamine hydrochloride.

This anti-inflammatory antiseptic product contains herbal extracts. This is a good drug, it has a pronounced analgesic effect: after spraying the patient can almost immediately feel a weakening of the sore throat.

Hypersensitivity is a contraindication to it, and local manifestations (burning, dry mouth, skin rash, allergies) can be as side effects. This remedy for sore throat has good reviews because it has proven its effectiveness.

Plant-based medications, such as Chlorophyllipt, are used against sore throats in children. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

In its composition there are various herbal extracts, nettle, St. John’s wort, wormwood, Dubrovnik.

In addition, a popular remedy for angina for young children is Aqualore. They can treat children up to 2 years old, but it is not sprayed, but applied on a cotton swab or on a pacifier.

For older children, Horacept, Lugol, Bioparox, Hexoral, Cameton, Anti-Angina, Tantum Verde, Hexasprey are suitable.

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