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Spray and drops Rinofluimucil for antritis: reviews, instructions for use

Spray and drops Rinofluimucil for antritis: reviews, instructions for use

Pharmaceutics in our time is simply replete with various drugs for the treatment of nasal congestion with a cold and sinusitis. Rinofluimucil is very popular with leading experts for antritis. What is this drug?

Is it possible to call it effective in the treatment of sinusitis and other diseases of the ENT organs?

What is part and what action does it have?

Rhinofluimucil for antritis is a complex drug that is used for nasal congestion, as well as to prevent the development of complications.

Nose drops have two active ingredients:

  • acetylcysteine
  • Tuaminoheptane sulfate.


This substance has the following pharmacological properties:

  • vasoconstrictor effect
  • antiedematous action.

Improper use of this substance can lead to serious complications.


This component also has pronounced healing properties for a cold and sinus:

  • dilutes the secret of not only mucous, but also purulent character
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • antioxidant action. The processes of oxidation in the body contribute to aging and poor cell regeneration. Antioxidants work against such processes.

Rinofluimucil is a colorless liquid with a characteristic mint odor. Thanks to its mucolytic and anti-edema effect, the condition of patients significantly improves:

  • decreases the amount of exudate secreted
  • the nasal sinuses are cleaned
  • passes nasal congestion.

The combination of these two components makes the drug effective and, one might even say, indispensable in the treatment of various ENT diseases.

Proper use of the drug minimizes the risk of unpleasant complications.

Myths and Reality

What should you rely on when choosing a drug? First, the opinion of a specialist and, secondly, the instructions for use.

But unfortunately, many ignore these authoritative sources and trust just the opinion of their girlfriends. As a result, information about the drug may become overgrown with myths and legends.

Now let’s talk about popular opinions regarding spray in the nose and find out which of them can be trusted.

Opinion 1: Rinofluimucil is an antibacterial drug.
The presence of drops for the nose of acetylcysteine ​​suggests that they are an antibiotic, but this is a myth. The fact is that in this case this active substance has a mucolytic effect, and not a bactericidal one.

In fact, this drug is an analogue of expectorant drugs, which are used to facilitate the separation of sputum, only in this form, it is injected into the nose and has its effect only in the maxillary sinuses.

Opinion 2: When sinusitis is enough to use rinofluimucil
This is a misconception because the treatment of sinusitis should be comprehensive. As mentioned earlier, the nasal spray does not have either a bactericidal or bacteriostatic effect, so no additional medication is needed.

In what cases is the drug indicated?

Unfortunately, the main argument for most patients in order to purchase the tool is an affordable price. However, without the advice of a doctor, the use of this medicine is unacceptable.

Nose spray is shown in such cases:

  • inflammation of the nasal cavity. This applies to both acute and chronic forms, even with vasomotor rhinitis, the drug will give a positive effect.
  • inflammation of the maxillary sinuses
  • adenoids.

What do patients say?

Reviews of doctors and patients can say a lot about the effectiveness of the drug.

Spray and drops Rinofluimucil for antritis: reviews, instructions for use

Julia, 42 years old

This winter period was not without constant cold diseases, the whole family was sick more than once in a circle. This time, the viral infection was complicated by sinusitis, and a strong cough also appeared.

During the winter, we tried a variety of drugs, including Rinofluimucil. I was convinced of the effectiveness of the spray, because I used it alone. Unlike other members of my family, I was cured first.

As my doctor warned me, after I opened the vial, I can only use it for three weeks, not more. I injected the drug before bedtime, and in the morning I was surprised at how much pus and mucus came out of my nose.

For five days I used the drug, and my problem disappeared.

Konstantin, 38 years old

A few months ago, I got sick with sinusitis, I started to get my nose sore, I had to drink an antibacterial drug. Sadly, the disease returned a week ago.

The disease this time was a little better, I had neither pronounced headaches, nor squeezing in the sockets. I decided that I would manage nasal drops. I decided not to experiment, but to consult a doctor, who advised me to Rinofluimucil.

I am satisfied with the drug, because he relieved inflammation, reduced swelling and facilitated the release of pus from the sinuses.

Anita, 27 years old

For the first time in my life I got sick with sinusitis. The disease is ugly, causing great discomfort. The doctor assigned me a whole list of drugs that I, of course, bought, because I wanted to get rid of the hated illness as soon as possible.

Among the whole list of medicines was Rinofluimucil spray. I am happy with the result.

After a day, the unpleasant sensation in the paranasal sinuses passed, and after a day the symptoms of sinusitis, to my joy, just disappeared, but I decided to spray the drug for two more days. Not a trace of the green snot remained, they gradually became lighter until they became completely transparent.

How to use the drug?

Adults are allowed to inject the drug three to four times a day, with two presses being pressed at a time in each nostril.

As for children, they can also inject the product up to four times per day. But at the same time just one click in each nostril.

Use the tool can be for one week. If the problem persists, then another drug is usually given, but it may be necessary to increase the course of treatment or dosage.

This is done under close medical supervision.

The use of the drug includes the following actions:

  • removing the cap from the bottle
  • protective cap removal
  • compound sprayer and the bottle itself
  • removing the cap from the sprayer
  • activation by pressing again.

Features in the treatment of children

Rinofluimucil is a safe and reliable remedy for treating children, but for children under three years old, it is necessary to use the drug with extreme caution.

Strict adherence to the guidelines for timing and dosage is the key to safe treatment for your child.

Children’s form of this drug does not exist, so do not try to find it on the pharmacy shelves.

Pregnancy and lactation period

Using a nasal spray during pregnancy is an extreme measure. Use of the remedy should be discussed not only with the otolaryngologist, but even with the gynecologist.

As for complications, the spray can lead to an increase in uterine tone.

During lactation, experts do not recommend the use of Rinofluimucil, because there is no data regarding its effect on the infant.


In the presence of the following diseases, the use of a spray is unacceptable:

  • increased intraocular pressure with angle-closure glaucoma
  • violation of the cardiovascular system
  • arrhythmia
  • allergic reaction to the components of the drug
  • arterial hypertension.

It is important not to forget that the incorrect use of even the most harmless drug can cause unpleasant complications. For example, lengthening the treatment course can lead to physiological disorders of the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses.

As a result, resistance to this drug will develop, and its use will be ineffective.

So, Rinofluimucil with antritis is a drug of the 21st century, which has a fast effect and a wide spectrum of its action. Try it on yourself and be healthy!

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