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Syrup Doctor cough: instructions, reviews, indications and contraindications

Syrup Doctor cough: instructions, reviews, indications and contraindications

Numerous colds are accompanied by coughing. The modern industry offers a large number of medicines.

All sorts of candies, potions, antibiotics, and various ointments enter the battle.

One of the proven products is Doctor Cough syrup, produced by the international pharmaceutical Indian company Lupine Limited. Its main advantage is that the herbal medicine includes a group of combined medicinal components that can cure cough, bronchial and other inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

Dr. Cough is an immaculate combination of rare herbs. The natural ingredients that make up the syrup can alleviate the symptoms of many diseases of the respiratory system, and most importantly, relieve painful cough.

Medicinal preparation contains:

  • liquorice
  • adatodu vasiku
  • tulasu
  • pharmaceutical ginger
  • indonesian long pepper
  • cold mint
  • rhizome of elecampane
  • homemade turmeric.

Each ingredient performs its specific function, which allows you to protect the body from coughing and other symptoms. Due to this, the syrup has a mucolytic, expectorant and anti-cough action.

Infectious diseases are almost always accompanied by drying and sore throat, which causes a debilitating cough. Patients try to get rid of it as soon as possible using various medications.

Dr. Cough has a herbal composition, thanks to which he very rarely can provoke an allergic reaction. The tool stops the inflammatory process quite well, reduces spasm and viscosity of secretions secreted.

At the same time, it has antipyretic effect, can significantly reduce pain, strengthens the immune system.

Already at the first doses of the drug, the patient feels a noticeable relief, it becomes easier to breathe, coughing bouts are reduced.

The drug also helps in the event that a headache and not breathing nose. The syrup instructions contain information on which diseases a phytopharmaceutical medicine can be applied.

This list includes:

  • various respiratory infections
  • bronchial asthma
  • laryngitis
  • tracheitis
  • respiratory diseases
  • pneumonia
  • pulmonary tuberculosis
  • pharyngitis.

Dr. Cough is recommended to be used in conjunction with other drugs that fight against pathogens.

For adults and children

Instructions for use of Dr. Cough warns that the intake of syrup depends on the age of the patient.

Children from 1 to 5 years Children from 5 to 14 years For adults
Half a teaspoon three times in 24 hours You can increase the portion to a whole teaspoon and take three times in 24 hours The dose is 1-2 full teaspoons three times a day.

Self-dose increase is not recommended. If the syrup does not bring the desired effect, it is best to consult a doctor for the appointment of other drugs.

Reception of Doctor Kashl should not be combined with other antitussive syrups.

During pregnancy

A woman carrying a child has a rather weak immune system, so she is very vulnerable to infectious diseases. In this case, the cough gives her a lot of inconvenience.

It should be remembered that not all medications are suitable for pregnant women.

Trying to protect themselves from their chemical effects, women turn to popular recipes. But here you need to be careful, as some plants can have serious side effects, so they can be contraindicated.

It is especially dangerous to take medications in the first trimester of pregnancy. Special studies on the negative effects of Dr. Cough syrup on pregnant women have not been conducted.

Therefore, before you start taking the medication, you should consult with your doctor.

The pharmaceutical market offers a large number of similar in composition and exerted pharmacological effects of drugs. However, they can affect the body in different ways.

Therefore, before taking analogues, you should consult with your doctor.

The most popular vegetable analogues of Dr. Cough include:

  • Inhafitol, which consists of chamomile and sage leaves. These plants significantly reduce coughing
  • Agri is recommended for the treatment of microbial lesions of the respiratory organs in adults
  • Aflubin prescribed for particularly strong coughing attacks, to relieve pain symptoms. Treats dry and wet cough
  • Adzhikold advised to take the initial stage of pertussis and other diseases of the respiratory system
  • Balsam Ho effectively eliminates cough and helps the sputum discharge
  • Dr. IOM relieves symptoms in bronchial asthma, is prescribed for the treatment of professional laryngitis. It is especially recommended for the treatment of children.

Today, modern pharmaceuticals offer a large number of cough medicines. All of them have good reviews, low prices and high results.

Dr. Cough is a harmless syrup that can be purchased without a prescription at any branch of the pharmacy. If you accept it yourself, you need to read the instructions and strictly follow it.

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