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The device for washing the nose Aqua Maris, instructions for use of the system

The device for washing the nose Aqua Maris, instructions for use of the system

A runny nose is not such a harmless disease as it may seem at first glance. If nothing is done, nasal congestion easily develops into sinusitis and leads to further spread of infection.

One of the effective methods for diseases of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses is nasal lavage.

For the procedure, someone uses ready-made pharmacy tools, and someone – independently prepared at home. The Aqua Maris nasal wash device is very popular.

It is not only effective, but also a safe tool that will help restore damage to the mucous membrane without negative consequences.

The drug is so harmless that it is recommended to use during pregnancy, as well as infants. Aqua Marisa contains sea water.

The raw materials used underwent several stages of sterilization, which simply excludes the presence of viral and bacterial infections. At the same time, natural salts and the most important trace elements are preserved in the solution.

How often should Aquamaris be used, does it have contraindications and side effects?

Instructions for use

Sterile seawater, which is part of Aqua Maris, contains the following elements:

The composition of the drug also includes essential oils of myrtle and immortelle. They have an antiseptic, antibacterial, tonic effect.

pharmachologic effect

Consider the features of the therapeutic effect, depending on the active ingredients:

  • Calcium and magnesium have a positive effect on the motor activity of the epithelium cilia. When the disease occurs, they are glued, which threatens with the accumulation of mucous secretions and harmful substances. Aqua Maris dilutes mucus and promotes its rapid evacuation.
  • Salt and iodine are natural antiseptics. They contribute to the suspension of the infectious process, and therefore affect the very cause of the disease.
  • selenium and zinc affect the production of cells of the immune system, which increases the body’s resistance to attacks of harmful microorganisms
  • sea ​​salt softens dry crusts on the surface of the mucous membrane. It normalizes the functional activity of the mucous. Salt prevents the blocking of the paranasal sinuses and nasal passages.

Dosage Forms

Depending on the evidence, Aqua Maris is available in various forms. In pharmacies, you can find a tool with a classic, as well as enhanced composition. Also sold a home device for washing the nose.

The developers took care of a separate form for children and adults.

They can be used in the treatment of newborns from the first days of a child’s life. Drops sold in small plastic bottles and have a standard composition. Usually, doctors prescribe two drops in each nostril four times a day.

The course of treatment lasts from two to four weeks. For prophylactic purposes, two drops twice a day are enough.

If you use drops in order to soften dry crusts, then as much solution is injected into the nasal passages as needed, while excess liquid is removed with a cotton swab.

Often, physicians prescribe sprays, since they can be used to precisely dispense the administration of an agent. Spray quickly reaches the destination and effectively fights pathogenic microflora.

Consider the types of spray:

  • Aquamaris classic. The amount of solution is calculated on treatment about a month. Adults are prescribed two injections four to eight times a day.
  • Akvamirs spray for children. Starting to use it is permissible after the first year of life. The device is ideal for children’s noses
  • Aquamaris. One hundred percent consists of sea water and has a high salt content. This option is absolutely not suitable for the treatment of children, it can lead to burns of the mucous membrane. The tool perfectly copes with the function of restoring breathing and removing edema. Use it in any necessary quantities.
  • Aquamaris Plus. The drug includes everything else dexpanthenol. This substance has pronounced regenerating properties. This form is usually used for dry rhinitis or even atrophic forms.
  • Aquamaris Norm. It is usually used for a copious runny nose and sinusitis. The tool is well and quickly washes away purulent contents from the sinuses.

Aquamarine Nose Flushing

How to wash your nose? Consider the main stages of manipulation:

  • powder (salt) is taken from the bag and diluted with water at room temperature. It is important that the salt crystals are completely dissolved in water.
  • fill the watering can with the prepared solution
  • the patient should tilt his head above the bathtub or the sink and turn his head slightly to one side. The solution flows into the nasal passage, which was on top. The tip of the device should be tightly pressed to the nostril.
  • about the correctness of the procedure will indicate the flow of fluid from the second nasal passage
  • blow your nose upright
  • now wash the second nostril in the same way. Leftovers are wiped off with a towel.

Indications for use

Aquamaris is a drug that has a diverse effect on the body:

The tool is designed for the treatment of diseases of the nose and sinuses, as well as the prevention of diseases and complications, especially for the cold season during the epidemic of viral diseases.

Consider the general indications for the use of Aquamaris:

  • inflammatory infectious diseases of the nose and sinuses: antritis, sinusitis, ethmoiditis, acute rhinitis
  • dry rhinitis with crusts
  • postoperative period
  • allergic rhinitis
  • vasomotor rhinitis
  • climate change
  • adenoiditis
  • before physical activity
  • long stay in a dry room
  • hygiene procedures
  • during seasonal epidemics of colds.


The use of the Aquamaris device is prohibited in the presence of such pathologies:

  • otitis media
  • obstruction of the nasal passages
  • tendency to nasal bleeding
  • presence of tumor formations
  • children under five.

Flushing your nose with Aquamaris is the right decision for a person who is concerned about his health. The drug is intended for both treatment and prevention.

Distinctive features of the tool is its safety and the possibility of use in the treatment of pregnant women and young children.

Aquamaris combats the symptoms of diseases of the nasal cavity and sinuses, eliminating congestion, relieving swelling and restoring breathing. Moreover, the drug eliminates the very cause of the disease, washing out the pathogenic microflora.

Before you start using Aquamaris, get tested. In most cases, the spray is assigned as a complex therapy.

Therefore, you should consult a doctor, and based on the results of the research, he will decide on the treatment tactics.

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