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How much does a Chihuahua cost and what does the price depend on

In this article you will read how much a Chihuahua costs. You will learn what the sum is based on and what indicators of the dog are taken into account. You will compare the difference between buying a puppy and an adult dog, as well as the approved standards of the Chihuahua with your idea of ​​the dogs of a given breed.

The article will contain colorful photos of Chihuahuas, which will help you make the right choice when choosing a pet and orient yourself in standards.

What makes up the price and what does it depend on

When searching for a puppy on the Internet, you may stumble upon completely different prices. Many believe that there is no difference in the price of a dog, but this is a big mistake, which can lead to sad or even tragic consequences.

The price of the dog depends on the parameters of the exterior, internal development and the psyche of the animal. It is logical that expensive copies have no problems for any position.

How much does a Chihuahua cost and what does the price depend on

The exterior is the look of a dog: ears fit, tail shape, body length, limb shape, eye color, etc. For the Chihuahua breed, like any other, there is a single standard approved by international dog breeding organizations. If the dog complies with it, it means that it does not have a genetic marriage, hereditary diseases and developmental anomalies.

The situation is similar with the internal development of the dog: if the indicators are normal, then the Chihuahua will be physically healthy. Development problems include patella shift, epilepsy, and hydrocephalus.

Such a dog can give the owner a lot of problems and even die suddenly.

Mental dog development is also a very important parameter.. According to the breed standard, a chihuahua is a smart dog with a calm, confident character, who gives voice only when absolutely necessary. If the dog is poorly socialized or has hereditary mental abnormalities, it is more likely to bark on any occasion, crawl under the sofa, behave like an infantile and asocial, etc.

Naturally, you can come to the conclusion that the cheaper a puppy, the more defects it has. Even a purebred dog from the nursery is not insured to be born without marriage (they are usually sold cheaper), because of this, it is further exposed to the risks described above and does not participate in exhibitions and pedigree breeding.

A successful puppy pedigree, the prestige of the nursery itself, the demand for the breed, etc., can wind their own percentage of the cost, but these parameters are usually not so significant.

How much does a Chihuahua cost and what does the price depend on

How much is a Chihuahua puppy

Except for the option that you can sell a regular mongrel under the guise of a chihuahua for mere pennies or give it away altogether The price for a puppy varies between $ 250 and $ 2500.

How much is an adult dog Chihuahua

According to current sources, the cost of an adult chihuahua ranges from $ 100 to $ 800. At the same time, males sell for more expensive bitches: there are offers for $ 550-800, when they ask for females up to $ 400.

Such a low price can be explained by the manifested defects, which is why breeders are trying to sell adult dogs in order not to get bad offspring, although advertisements make notes about compliance with animal standards and provide information about the number of matings.

Price dogs with documents and without

Typically, the dividing line regarding the availability of documents occurs on the basis of professional / non-professional breeding. Without documents, what is called “with hands”, Chihuahuas can be bought in the region of $ 100, but it’s far from a fact that the acquired animal will match the breed and have good health and psyche. The price in nurseries of various classes varies from 500 to 2500 dollars.

Naturally, in this case, the seller will be obliged to issue a package of accompanying documents (puppy card, which then changes to pedigree, and vaccination card).

Some unscrupulous breeders will try to sell you a defective puppy at a lower price than stated in the price list, but without documents. In this case, the seller will not bear any responsibility in the event of hereditary defects or illness in the puppy, so think carefully before deciding on such adventures.

How much does a Chihuahua cost and what does the price depend on

Where is the best place to buy

It is best to purchase a dog in a professional kennel. Breeders invest a lot of money and a lot of effort to equip dogs with all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life and breeding, as well as monitor their health and diet.

From early childhood puppies from the nursery undergo the necessary socialization and are examined by a dog handler who makes a conclusion about the presence / absence of animal deviations according to FCI standards (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), CSU, RKF, and others depending on the state.

How to choose to not make a mistake in the price

In order to choose the right puppy, you need to set yourself this goal, approximately understand what sex and colors you want the puppy and for what purpose, and then analyze the existing market in detail. There are nuances that are used by particularly enterprising breeders.

For example, you wonder how much a mini chihuahua costs and you come up with a price that exceeds the cost of an ordinary dog. According to the FCI standard, this breed does not assume a mini-version, and this word refers to the smallest puppies from a common litter.

How much does a Chihuahua cost and what does the price depend on

Also You should familiarize yourself with the list of visual characteristics of chihuahua identified by dog ​​handlers.. Here are the most noticeable and pronounced:

  • apple-shaped round head
  • pointy oval ears, placed at 45º from the surface of the head
  • scissor bite
  • wide and deep chest with rounded ribs
  • flat back without humps and sagging
  • tail slightly bent and no kinks and kinks
  • direct statement paws.

Important! If the seller requests an impressive amount, but you see at least one violation of this list, be sure that they are trying to deceive you.

Now you know how much a real chihuahua dog costs, and you will be able to choose the right pet for your family, without getting into the tricks of a scoundrel. Remember that the price of a dog in a kennel is justified, and you buy first of all not a brand or pedigree, but a healthy puppy with a normal level of development. If you have already acquired a Chihuahua puppy, tell us in the comments at what price and in what cattery.

Perhaps this will help future owners of chihuahuas to make the right choice! Thanks for attention.

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