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How much does a French bulldog cost and what does the price depend on

Buying a French bulldog is not an easy question to conceal. There are many factors, such as pedigree, state of health, quality of care, congenital appearance of the pet, the personality of the breeder and others, which affect the quality of the litter and the price of puppies out of it.

Further, you will learn in detail about these parameters, as well as how much the French Bulldog costs, what this price is made of, where to buy a dog and what to look for when choosing.

What makes up the price and what does it depend on

There are many factors that affect how much a French Bulldog puppy costs. We can distinguish the following in order of their greatest importance:

  • Pedigree. The most important criterion from which the price may increase not by how much, but by how much. Parents, awarded prizes at important competitions, have excellent genetics and almost always give the best offspring.
  • Floor. Under the condition of pure breed, females are almost always twice as expensive as males. This is due to their ability to produce new offspring, which can also bring material benefits.

How much does a French bulldog cost and what does the price depend on

  • Strong health and proper genetics. Even from healthy and eminent parents defective puppies can be born, although this is rather an exception. But the progeny of high quality in the mass is obtained not only from show dogs of the show class, but also from the breed class, which has the correct genetics, but does not participate in competitions. The cleaner the genetics and stronger health, the higher the price. At the same time puppies of the same quality from the breed class will be slightly cheaper than from the show class.
  • Reputation breeder. The higher the professionalism and experience of the breeder, the less chance of acquiring an unconditioned puppy from him. But there are more than enough people willing to buy a dog in such a place, respectively, the price will be higher. This does not mean that a little-known or unknown breeder can not have high-class puppies.
  • Exterior standards. Even from completely healthy and purebred parents, a puppy may appear with a color that does not meet exhibition standards. For example, completely black, white and black or chocolate. Such a dog is completely healthy, but the price for it will be lower, since it is not suitable for an exhibition.
  • Documents. Depending on the destination, it is possible to do or not to do documents on purebred breed-class puppies, which significantly affects the price.
  • Care and vaccinations. The better the puppy of the French bulldog was kept up to the time of sale, the more it will affect its price. Also, this indicator is influenced by the cost of the bitch during pregnancy and the postpartum period.
  • Duration of content. The longer the puppy is at the breeder, the more expensive it will cost. Especially it concerns a show class where the best leaving and training is required.

How much does a French bulldog cost and what does the price depend on

How much is a puppy

The average cost for purebred French Bulldog puppies ranges from 300 to 900 dollars. There are cheaper and, of course, there are more expensive options, but the main number of proposals is within these limits. The category is more expensive than 600 dollars – these are dogs with a very good prospect for exhibitions.

You can buy a purebred dog and for 150-200 dollars.

But, most likely, it will be a price without documents, either not an exhibition color, or a little-known breeder or another “pitfall”. Finding a purebred pet without any negative nuances is cheaper than this amount – just luck.

Therefore, proposals for puppies for $ 50 can be considered if he is needed only as a pet.

Where is the best place to buy

The most reliable places where you can buy a French Bulldog puppy are a specialized nursery or a private breeder with a good reputation. At the same time, several circumstances must be taken into account, why reputation is so important:

  • Not everyone understands the criteria pedigree puppies. You can buy as not quite purebred, and simply not the French bulldog.
  • With improper care for a bitch during pregnancy, even if it is pure-bred, documented, offspring may appear with problematic health.
  • Externally, it is almost impossible to determine whether a puppy has genetic problems in the future.
  • Improper care for puppies can undermine their physical or mental health. Full vaccination costs a lot of money.

How much does a French bulldog cost and what does the price depend on

Important! A dishonest seller can take advantage of any of these points, and unprofessional admit inadvertently.

How to choose to not make a mistake in the price

In order for the acquired puppy to fully satisfy its expectations, the selection process should be guided by a step-by-step instruction determining the importance of the criteria:

  • Purpose. If the French bulldog is only a pet, it makes no sense to overpay for pedigree and documents. For this purpose, any purebred or not purebred puppy is suitable, perhaps with a non-exhibition, but very bright and extraordinary appearance.
  • Floor. The female may produce offspring, but she will have regular estrus, which can stain carpets, sofas, and the like. Her character is softer and calmer, she will always be closer to her master. The price of the female is twice as expensive. The male is more independent and active – with him it is more fun to go for a walk. But at home, he can also make a mess during games.
  • Age. A puppy must be at least 1.5 months old.
  • Place of purchase. It is very important that the breeder is a professional, otherwise you can buy a sick or mentally injured dog. It should be found on the Internet reviews about the seller.

How much does a French bulldog cost and what does the price depend on

  • Learn about puppy parents. Ask about the bitch and the quality of this litter, see the documents on the dogs.
  • Conditions of detention. Pay attention to the conditions in which puppies grow, find out what they eat and how they spent time after birth.
  • Visit several places. You should not grasp the first successful option, you can ask time to think about 1-2 days, putting the puppy in the reservation.
  • Inspect a puppy. This can be done only with the permission of the breeder. A healthy French bulldog will have a shiny coat, a resilient, but not swollen belly, a small subcutaneous fat layer, no acne on the skin. Eyes and ears should be without purulent discharge, blackness in the ears can signal tick otitis. The nose should be wet and black, spots on the nose can remain only up to 5 months of age. Adequate response to the sound – turning the head towards the source.

How much does a French bulldog cost and what does the price depend on

The correct bite of the French Bulldog – snack – the lower incisors in front of the upper ones. Oral mucosa should not be pale – a sign of anemia.

The anal zone of the puppy should be clean, without redness. After 1.5 months in males, both testicles should be lowered into the scrotum.

Paws should be smooth, gait uniform, without loss of coordination.

Buying a French bulldog, like any pedigreed dog, is a rather complicated matter, which is best solved using a proven method, rather than personal discretion. Of course, the dog must be liked on an emotional level, and personal preference must be taken into account.

But do not forget about the criteria, otherwise the acquired pet will become an unrecoverable problem or simply does not meet expectations. Good health is the main and unchanging requirement, but the floor and the exterior of the puppy is a personal matter.

And which French bulldog you buy yourself?

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