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How much does a pug cost and what does the price depend on

You can find out how much a little pug puppy costs, as well as the cost of an older dog. Read the information that will help you choose a healthy puppy.

You will also learn where it is better to buy an animal and how not to err in the cost.

What makes up the price and what does it depend on

If you decide to start a dog, you need to approach this issue with full responsibility, starting from choosing a puppy. Pugs are small smooth-haired breeds, their weight in adulthood often does not exceed 8 kg.

They are very fun and easily adapt to the rhythm of life of the owners. A lovely pet can be purchased both in the nursery and with hands.

Let’s see what the price of a pug depends on and how to choose a healthy puppy.

How much does a pug cost and what does the price depend on

The cost of a pet depends on many factors, including: external data, belonging to a particular class, the presence of pedigree. Of course, buying a puppy “with hands” you can significantly save, however, in such cases, it is possible to get a cross breed of pug with another breed.

That is why it is better to overpay, but get a purebred and healthy baby.

How much is a puppy

Today, pugs are quite popular breed, which means that the cost can not be too low. We suggest you to find out how much an average pug puppy costs, regardless of what color it is – black, apricot, yellow-brown or silver-fawn.

Most often, the price of pugs ranges from 180 to 280 dollars.

Important! If you decide to purchase a pet in the nursery with all the relevant documents, then boldly expect to pay at least $ 550 or more.

Adult dog cost

Adult dogs can sell for absolutely different reasons. Even if an adult pug will be sold with a pedigree and all the necessary documents, its price will be significantly lower than when buying a puppy.

Thus, an adult dog of this breed can be bought for 180-400 dollars.

How much does a pug cost and what does the price depend on

Suk sell a little more expensive than males, because in the future they will be able to bring offspring. When choosing an adult dog, one should take into account the fact that his habits and character are already formed and the owner will need a lot of strength and patience to teach the dog something new.

Price dogs with documents and without

As we said above, the cost of a dog with documents is much higher than without them. Buying a puppy for 180-280 dollars “from the hands”, you can not be 100% sure that he is completely healthy and is not a cross between a pug and another breed.

By purchasing a pet in the nursery, you are given a special passport that will confirm that the little pug is purebred and can participate in exhibitions.

Where is the best place to buy

If you decide to buy a pug “for the soul”, then you can safely save money and buy a baby on an ad on the Internet. However, before you go for the animal, it is better to study information about it in advance, also find out what to look for when choosing a puppy so that it is completely healthy.

Note! If you plan to participate in exhibitions with a pug, and also to earn money later on selling puppies, then you need to buy a dog only in the kennel, where you will be provided with all the necessary information.

How to choose to not make a mistake in the price

Buying a pug at a fairly high price, you hope for honesty and honesty of sellers. but there are situations when a puppy was given an exorbitant amount, but he was not purebred or sick.

We suggest that you consider the main points to follow when choosing a puppy.

How much does a pug cost and what does the price depend on

  • The puppy must be active.
  • Pay attention to the ears of the baby, they should not be hot, have any inflammatory processes inside and should not be dirty.
  • Wool should be shiny, without bald patches and dandruff.
  • The abdomen must be elastic and slightly protruding, but not swollen, otherwise it may be signs of the presence of parasites inside.
  • Eyes should be clear, not have any discharge or redness.
  • The nose should be cold and wet. There should be no unpleasant smell from it.
  • Teeth should not have plaque, and there should not be an unpleasant smell from the mouth.
  • It is also necessary to ask the breeder all the questions. Find out how the puppy was cared for all this time than fed.
  • Specify whether the de-documentation has been carried out and whether vaccinations have been made according to age.

How much does a pug cost and what does the price depend on

Advantages and disadvantages

Pluses: cheerful, inquisitive, quickly attached to the family, adapts to the owners, devotee. Disadvantages: fade, require regular combing, allergy sufferers, require a lot of attention, jealous, difficult to train.

Dear readers, did you know how much a small and big dog of a pug breed costs? Are there any dogs of this breed among you?

Tell us about the pros and cons of keeping these pets.

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