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How much does a Yorkshire terrier cost and what does the price depend on

Today you will learn all the details of how much a Yorkshire terrier dog costs. You will understand what factors affect pricing. What is the difference yorkies, which belong to different classes.

How and where to choose a healthy puppy, what are the breeders.

What makes up the price and what does it depend on

To date, the cost of Yorkshire terrier breed dogs is so diverse that it is difficult for a beginner breeder to navigate which one is relevant and on which it depends. Before buying, you need to immediately determine what requirements for a pet you have. You want to have just a pet, breed animals or participate in exhibitions.

Given the official standards, each breed has three classifications – pet, breed, show.

How much does a Yorkshire terrier cost and what does the price depend on

  • Yorkshire terriers of pet-class have large deviations from the standards, they are brought up as pets, companions. The cost for them will be the lowest.
  • York Breed class is as close to the standards as possible they can be used for animal breeding, but they are not suitable for exhibitions. As a rule, they belong to the middle price category.
  • Dogs of the show class fully comply with the standards, can participate in exhibitions, various shows, are suitable for breeding, have excellent pedigree. If the first two classes are recommended to acquire at the age of 2-3 months, then the show class is sold from 6 months, during this time the Yorkshire terrier will be fully formed, all its advantages will be visible, the breeder will give a full guarantee about its quality and health.

How much is a Yorkshire terrier puppy

The price of a Yorkshire terrier puppy will be different. It depends on the region of sale, the quality of the nursery, the integrity of the seller. The price includes mother and baby service before purchase.

This also includes vaccinations, proglystvovki.

The better conditions for the maintenance and nutrition of animals, the more you have to pay for the baby. But at the same time you will be sure that he is healthy.

Now the price varies from 100 to 500 dollars. It can be concluded: the better care a puppy received, the more it meets the standards of the breed, the better it is evaluated.

Did you know? How much does a Yorkshire terrier girl cost? 50-200 dollars more expensive than a boy, because she can bring you kids that can be used for sale.

In addition, girls are more devoted.

Adult dog cost

The cost of an adult dog breed Yorkshire Terrier also affects the classification. If they belong to the pet class, then their price will probably be even lower than that of a puppy of the same class. An adult York breed or show class will be 2-3 times more expensive than a puppy of the same class.

In addition to good external data, the cost includes its maintenance, nutrition, care.

How much does a Yorkshire terrier cost and what does the price depend on

But above $ 500 will not have to pay, because this breed is considered one of the most popular in our country, a great competition breeders. The main thing – when buying, choose a certified kennel whose breeders really love dogs..

So you are guaranteed to get a healthy pet with a good pedigree.

Price dogs with documents and without

  • As a rule, without documents you can buy a puppy of a pet-class. Its maximum cost will be 200 dollars. After purchase, you will definitely need to show the baby to the veterinarian to make sure that he is healthy.
  • If the breeder additionally provides a pedigree, a veterinary passport with vaccinations, progludovkami, then the cost of York will be from 250 to 500 dollars.
  • The price is also influenced by the classification of the dog. But, acquiring such a baby, you get all the guarantees of his health, good pedigree, successful further development. Also, much depends on the country, the city in which you plan to buy a dog. It is very interesting that in our country the cost of this breed is much lower than in other countries.

Where is the best place to buy

Now the bulletin boards are filled with offers to sell puppies of the Yorkshire Terrier breed. Their price varies from 100 to 300 dollars.

But very rarely in such ads you can find truly reliable breeders. Recommended before buying to talk with people who already have such a breed of dogs.

How much does a Yorkshire terrier cost and what does the price depend on

Watch York, listen to reviews and recommendations of dog breeders. They can ask a reliable nursery.

If their dog looks good, has a pedigree, then you can safely use the services of the same kennel.

It is not recommended to buy from hands, because the owner will not be able to give guarantees of cleanliness of the breed and health of the puppy. Pay attention to the breeder’s behavior.

If he is interested in what the dog is for, what conditions for life it will receive, then be sure of its competence.

Note! If the breeder has a goal to make money as soon as possible, when answering the question “what is eating york?” He answers: “all that remains after lunch” – just move away from that.

He does not think about animals at all, but simply wants to earn on their breeding.

How to choose to not make a mistake in the price

Before choosing, you should already understand what a Yorkshire terrier looks like. If in doubt, bring along a professional dog handler who will help with choosing a dog. Pay attention to wool.

In York, wool is similar to human hair. In babies, it is very soft. The characteristic color is a brown muzzle and paws, a black body.

With age, the brown color may turn gray completely or partially.

How much does a Yorkshire terrier cost and what does the price depend on

If you buy a puppy with a pedigree, be sure to read it, look at its parents. A healthy puppy will have a playful mood, eat well, moderately well-fed.

He plays with his brothers, calmly allows himself to be stroked or picked up. The eyes are clean, clear, wool without bald spots, brilliant.

An experienced breeder will definitely give all the recommendations on feeding and care, will offer their help.

Buying a puppy is a very crucial step. After all, Yorkshire terriers live up to 15 years. You need to be prepared that during such time there will be a pet nearby that needs care, care, decent food.

Write in the comments what is important for you when you buy an animal, which breeder do you trust more: are you ready to buy a puppy from your hands or do you prefer professional nurseries?

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