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How much is the fee and what does the price depend on

To buy a dog, you need to imagine how much to count. Therefore, in today’s article we will talk about how much a dachshund costs. You will learn about the varieties of this popular breed and about the main factors of pricing.

The article will help to more accurately navigate the issue of how much a dachshund puppy costs. And at the end we will tell you what you need to think about and what to look for before buying, so as not to be mistaken with the choice.

What makes up the price and what does it depend on

This breed is quite popular today both large nurseries and individuals are engaged in breeding. Therefore, the cost is very different.

The price run ranges from $ 33 to $ 450 and up. In many ways, the difference in cost is influenced by the type of breed:

  • the length of the wool dachshunds are divided into smooth coat, wire-haired and long-haired
  • according to the size of the breed are divided into standard, dwarf and rabbit (the smallest)
  • by color are red, straw, with black or brown tan, tiger, marble, ashen.

The highest numbers in ads are how much a rabbit dachshund costs with a good pedigree. This is due to the fashion on miniature (up to 3.5 kg) decorative dogs and a small number of pups in the litter.

You will receive a slightly lower price in response to the question: how much is a dwarf (up to 5.5 kg) tax.

How much is the fee and what does the price depend on

Other cost components:

  • breeder name (trademark)
  • presence or absence of pedigree
  • are vaccinations required
  • champion achievement of parents at dog shows
  • show perspectives of a particular puppy
  • age of little dachshunds
  • are there any documents and stamp
  • variety: dwarf breeds are cheaper, short-haired and long-haired will be more expensive, and the highest prices for rabbit dachshunds.

How much is a puppy

The average cost of a puppy is $ 180. This is a lot, but we must remember that the seller, for his part, also invested a lot of time, finances and effort. The seller’s expenses include the purchase of a bitch, her proper nutrition and care, participation in exhibitions, paperwork.

If we take into account all financial expenses, the labor of the seller and the time spent by him, then the figure of 200-300 dollars does not seem so incredible anymore.

How much is the fee and what does the price depend on

Adult dog cost

Buying an adult is cheaper, and animals without pedigree can be purchased very cheap. The run-up in cost figures depends on the same criteria as when buying a puppy. Experts advise not to be afraid to take an adult animal – with the right upbringing, it will definitely get used to the new owners.

To participate in exhibitions it is even better to take a teenager, because then you can accurately see all the advantages and disadvantages.

Note! Dachshund girls usually cost more, as bitches are considered to pay back the investment by the subsequent sale of puppies.

On the other hand, the “exhibition” dog also brings money to the owner for always.

The cost of the dog with the documents and without

The cost of a doggie with documents and pedigree will be higher than without them. So, an animal without vaccinations and documents can be found even for $ 40. With documents and without stamp – from 75.

But under-grown, vaccinated, with all the necessary papers offer an average of $ 230. A 10-15 percent increase in cost, if in the pedigree there are champions of various exhibitions.

Where is the best place to buy

If you ask how much a dachshund dog costs in the nursery and at private individuals, in the second variant the price will be much cheaper. So it turns out, if the usual owner of the dachshund decided to get puppies and then sell them.

After reviewing the ads, the owner puts a price that seems fair and competitive.

How much is the fee and what does the price depend on

Plus, such a purchase – saving money. Of the minuses: often there are no necessary vaccinations and documents, there are possible hidden diseases that will come to light later, such puppies do not always meet the standards of the breed.

Breeders can also save. When buying, specify for what purpose you take a pet. Perhaps it is not important for you to have an exact external correspondence with all exhibition parameters.

For example, you do not need a show copy, but simply a pet and a reliable companion. Then the breeder will offer a healthy, vaccinated, though not fully compliant to all exhibition parameters of the pet at an affordable price.

How to choose to not make a mistake in the price

In order not to regret your choice, follow a few simple steps.

Decide on the purpose of acquisition

If you are not going to be professionally engaged in breeding, hunting with a dog or participating in exhibitions, then you can find a pet very cheaply from friends, private announcements, or even on the market. If you are ready to devote time and finances to preparation and participation in exhibitions, you want to have a beautiful dog that meets all breed standards in appearance and behavior, then you need to contact breeders or a kennel club.

Note! If you need an assistant for hunting, it is best to get advice from the local community of anglers and hunters.

They will advise you where to get a dog with the best qualities for hunting.

Choose among several sellers

Carefully review the offers from different sellers. If you have time and opportunities, visit the exhibition, meet with dog owners, exchange phone numbers.

Remember that not always the high price determines the quality of the offspring.

How much is the fee and what does the price depend on

Learn breed standard and conditions

Before you buy, read the standards of the breed you need. Look at the puppy’s parents, most likely in adulthood he will look like them.

Pay attention to the conditions and condition of the animals.

The acquisition of taxes is not cheap. Someone thinks that nurseries are prohibitively overpriced.

Others are of the opinion that it is foolish to take an animal from private sellers – after all, various unpleasant “surprises” may come to light later. What do you think?

How much and where did you buy your pet? Do you regret your choice or, on the contrary, are you satisfied with it?

What advise those who are only thinking about buying a puppy?

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