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Pharaoh Hound and her characteristics with photo

In this article, you will read who Pharaoh’s dog is and whether it really comes from ancient Egypt. You will also learn the standards and nature of the breed, the price and selection criteria for puppies, the method of training and other useful information about the breed.

Also in the article you can see the Pharaoh’s dog in the photo, admire its beauty and grace, and also make the right decision when choosing a pet.

Pharaoh Hound and her characteristics with photo

Adult growth: female – 53-61 cm, male – 55-63 cm.
Weight: female – 18-27 kg, male – 18-27 kg.
Characteristic color: red with possible white markings in the center of the forehead, on the bridge of the nose, chest, limbs and the tip of the tail
Wool length: short, thin, tight to the skin.
Lifespan: 15-17 years old.
Breed advantages: A dog with a very high intelligence and a unique property to demonstrate their mood through facial expressions.
The complexity of the breed: because of hunting genes, it can run after potential prey, disobeying the owner is completely unsuitable for guarding the house.
The average price of a pharaoh dog: 550-3200 $ depending on the nursery and pedigree.
Classification: medium hunting or companion dog.

History of origin

The Pharaoh’s dog is a very ancient breed, whose age is measured in thousands of years, and it belongs to a primitive class, i.e., during the whole time, it did not interbreed with anyone. Contrary to the well-known legend that the head of the god Anubis was copied from this animal, Pharaoh’s dog is not an Egyptian, but a Maltese breed, which scientists have proved with the help of a DNA test.

Up to the 1920s, this breed was known only on Fr. Malta, but received its recognition around the world and in 1975 received recognition FCI.


Initially, Pharaoh’s dog was used as a hunting dog: this fast animal with a huge supply of energy can easily catch rabbits, game birds and other small animals. Nowadays, due to its rarity and high cost, the breed is more used as a domestic companion dog, and this is also excellent with it.

Pharaoh Hound and her characteristics with photo

This breed has unique abilities that are alien to other dogs. Pharaoh’s dog is shy and conscientious, and from this she can have a red nose, rims of eyes and ears. The animal also possesses lively facial expressions, through which it expresses its emotions.

The character of Pharaoh’s dogs is playful and perky, they easily cheer up the owners with their games and mimicry.

These animals are rarely aggressive, especially if socialized properly. To avoid “failures”, the owner will have to teach the puppy from an early age that he is the youngest member of the pack family, and the owner himself is the leader.

The high level of mental abilities of the dog leads to the fact that they can even ponder the orders of the owner and not obey, if they do not agree with the requirements, and make their own decisions.

Video review

The breed is very rare and outlandish, so it will not be out of place to learn further about the character of the dogs and the breed standards from the mouth of the mistress of such an animal. This material can be found in the video.

How to choose a puppy

It is necessary to choose a puppy in our area with complete confidence in the knowledge of the breed standards, since for big money you can get either a half-breed or a defective dog. But problems will not arise if you apply to the nursery abroad. Buying a puppy in the kennel will give a big guarantee for his lack of physical and mental abnormalities, as well as genetic problems.

When buying, be sure to ask for a metric and a map with puppy vaccinations.

The main signs of healthy puppies of the Pharaoh dog are their activity and curiosity, moderately plump appearance, eyes without blemishes, a wet, cold nose and the absence of any kind of hernia and external defects assumed by the standard.

Pharaoh Hound and her characteristics with photo

The international commission FCI has established such a standard for pharaoh dogs:

  • wedge-shaped head with long dry skull
  • eyes of amber color, combined with the color of the dog (puppies in the first months may be blue)
  • pointed ears, going up, set on medium
  • flesh colored nose
  • dry graceful body, the upper part of the back is almost straight, the ribs are convex
  • fat at the base, gradually tapering tail
  • thin, short, shiny coat without undercoat.

Care and maintenance

A Pharaoh Hound dog has short hair without undercoat, so occasionally it will be enough to clean it with a rag or a special glove, and bathing with a softening shampoo for puppies or children. The animal almost does not fade and in this regard is very clean.

In cold seasons, it is better to wear a dog in overalls so that it does not freeze.

Since the Pharaoh’s dog is very energetic and requires a large amount of physical activity, it will be inconvenient to live in an apartment, therefore the option of a country site will be ideal. If you plan to start this dog in an apartment, be prepared to walk it for 2-3 hours a day, otherwise it may become restless and depressed.

These animals are very sensitive to chemicals, so be careful when choosing shampoos and remedies for fleas and ticks.

Pharaoh Hound and her characteristics with photo


Pharaoh’s dog is a very intelligent and intelligent animal, so it will be trained with ease and interest. The main thing is to show the puppy from the first days of staying in the house, who is in charge, who is the master, otherwise there are risks to get a wayward and stubborn pet.

Training should be regular, non-uniform, mostly playful, with tasty rewards for a four-legged friend and respectful attitude towards him without the slightest manifestation of aggression. The negative causes the dog to be very stressed and depressed, so it can completely stop obeying its owner.

Advantages and disadvantages

Breed pros:

  • unique system of facial expressions
  • high intelligence and good learning
  • cheerful fervent character, love for people and their children
  • long years of life and good physical condition even in old age
  • wool does not require much care.

Pharaoh Hound and her characteristics with photo


  • too much energy with regular walks and games
  • rarity and relatively difficult accessibility of the breed
  • wayward character
  • not adapted to guard a person’s home or property
  • afraid of low temperatures and vulnerable to chemistry.

So you met with the description of the breed of the pharaoh dog. Having bought yourself such a pet, you will definitely not lose if you are looking for an active dog with a unique set of personality traits and a cheerful good-natured disposition. What do you think, what diet is suitable for this breed?

And what nicknames will be perfectly combined with the character of these dogs? Write your options in the comments.

Take care of your pets, and they will give you their love and tenderness!

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