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The main differences between the breeds of dogs Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke

Today you will learn about the nature of the dogs of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke breeds and understand their main differences by looking at the photos. You will understand what the dogs are for, how they behave towards people and other animals.

Understand what daily care is needed. What diet is necessary for a pet, so as not to cause obesity.

Basic characteristics

The main differences between the breeds of dogs Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke

Options Pembroke Cardigan
Adult dog growth 25-30 cm 25-30 cm
Weight 10-12 kg 12-15 kg
Characteristic color red, red, fawn, deer, black and red, tricolor. red, red, fawn, deer, black and red, tricolor, marble, blue.
Wool length average average
Lifespan 12-15 years 12-15 years
average price 500-1500 $ 900-2000 $


Dogs of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke are herding and cattle. Due to its size, dogs can easily dodge the hooves and horns of animals.

They belong to the mini-shepherd. Now these animals play the role of pets, companions.

The main differences between the breeds of dogs Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke

Welsh Corgi, Pembrokes and Cardigans are very active, cheerful. They do not know what is cowardice and aggression.

Animals get along well with children, can play with them for hours. They treat animals well, so they can get along with other pets. To strangers or animals are neutral.

They show aggression very rarely, only in the most extreme cases.

Did you know? The main difference between the Welsh Corgi Pembrokes and Cardigans is that one of the ancestors of the first were spitz-like, and the second had a taxi-like.

There are some differences in the nature of animals:

  • Cardigans have a stronger, nervous system. They do not impose themselves, calmly endure loneliness. In this case, the main direction of life remains the family, human attention. Excellent shepherds, therefore in everyday life need constant walks. Especially while walking, they like to explore new territories. To outsiders are treated with suspicion, but reasonably assess the situation.
  • But the pembrokes are more emotional, energetic. Your attention does not end with one walk. Pembrokes will spin under their feet, draw attention to themselves, behave actively. They need to be provided with regular active games or take up some kind of sport. They are loyal to outsiders, but they always do it right away, and then they think.

Care and maintenance

Pembrokes and cardigans in care do not have differences. They will be able to live both in an apartment and in a private house despite their herding character.

The main thing is to provide pets with frequent walks, physical exertion and decent care.

The main differences between the breeds of dogs Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke

Welsh Corgi cardigans and pembrokes are unpretentious in food, but are prone to overeating, so you will need to control the diet. Increase the amount of food consumed only with increased physical activity.

This is especially true of cardigans, who lead a not very active lifestyle, unlike the Pembrokes.

Feel free to use dry or wet premium food for this breed of dogs or feed with natural food. In the second case, you have to make sure that the food is balanced.


  • In temperament since childhood, welsh corgi pembrokes are different from cardigans. The first will show their curiosity strongly, therefore it is better to hide at once everything that a baby can chew on. But the cardigans are calmer, they will look for your location and respond to every comment.
  • From an early age prohibit the babies everything that a big dog cannot and cannot be allowed to the forbidden. Canine recommended to teach a Pembroke puppy to the cage, which he will consider his home. Inside, equip it with all the necessary amenities, a booth, toys. This is necessary so that during your absence the dog does not arrange chaos at home. But a cardigan with proper upbringing will be able to maintain order at home, he does not need a cage.
  • Pembroke during workouts will persevere, you have to be patient, to win the lead and train your pet to the right teams. A cardigan is more attentive to learning, happy to fulfill any requirements, loves praise and encouragement.

The main differences between the breeds of dogs Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke


Dogs cardigan and pembroke are focused on the person, love children, socialization. But even the merits of the species have some differences:

  • The best masters of pembrokes will be the family, which leads an active lifestyle. They like walks, physical activities, games.
  • If during the training of pembrokes to do everything in a playful way, then the baby will very quickly master any commands.
  • Pembrokes always show their emotions, show love, friendliness.
  • Pembrokes always show curiosity, and cardigans prefer to be close to the owner.
  • Cardigans can control themselves, feel the mood of the owner.
  • Cardigans love to work, easier to train. They will suit even novice dog breeders.


  • Cardigans can lead a sedentary lifestyle, which is why they are obese.
  • Pembrokes are capable of rash acts. With a bad upbringing, you will have to control their every action.

Despite the fact that cardigans and pembrokes are very similar, the character still has some differences. But, judging by the reviews, all owners of this breed notice their friendliness, dedication to the owner, love for the games.

And what character traits are most developed in your pet?

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