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Determining the sex of the child by ultrasound: how to determine possible errors

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All future parents are concerned about the main question: the birth of someone to expect – a boy or a girl? You can find out the sex of the child by undergoing an ultrasound scan – a non-invasive and absolutely safe for both a pregnant woman and the fetus.

It is necessary to conduct it not only so that the expectant mother can find out what color to buy children’s things – ultrasound helps in determining the congenital pathologies that are characterized by chromosomal abnormalities.

For the entire period of childbearing, a woman undergoes a number of diagnostic procedures – cardio-scheduling, routine screening tests, etc. Practicing obstetrician-gynecologists begin to determine the sex of a child by ultrasound from the 20th week.

At an earlier date, it is impossible to guarantee the accuracy of information about the sex of a developing infant.

In our article, we will provide detailed information about the features of ultrasound diagnostics of the developing reproductive system of the fetus, on what grounds qualified specialists accurately determine its sex and at what time, as well as whether there is a probability of error when changes in the external sexual signs of a future baby.

Features of ultrasound diagnosis during pregnancy

All pregnant women are subjected to the ultrasound scanning procedure – this method is the most common, simple and painless way to monitor the state of the female and child’s organisms, to determine the defects in the formation of the baby. For the entire gestational period, the expectant mother needs to do three routine examinations – from 10 to 12, from 20 to 22, from 30 to 32 weeks.

Each of them is mandatory and has specific goals.

The main tasks of ultrasound in the period of carrying a baby are:

  • identifying potential threatened abortion
  • estimation of the probability of genetic abnormalities
  • the establishment of all kinds of birth defects
  • study of the status and presentation of the fetus.

How on ultrasound can I find out the sex of the child?

Sex affiliation is laid immediately when the baby is conceived, however, it cannot be determined by any, even the most modern, equipment! After all, even confirm the onset of pregnancy will be possible only in the second month of embryo formation.

In the first trimester, all future babies look almost the same – in this period, the reproductive system is only being formed. It is possible to determine the sex of the child by ultrasound not earlier than the 18th obstetric week.

How reliable the result of such an examination will be depends on the quality of the ultrasound equipment and the qualifications of the diagnostician, who must have knowledge of all the characteristics of intrauterine development. The ideal deadline for ultrasound diagnosis to determine the sex of a child is the 21st week.

It is during this period that the formation of the reproductive system is completed and the first conditioned reflexes appear – theoretically, the fetus is viable.

Modern medicine has such a diagnostic method as 3D ultrasound, where you can see not only the sex of the baby, but also the features of his face. The optimal time for such an examination is the second half of the gestational period.

Upon completion of the diagnosis, future parents will receive a photo of their little one, which can be invested in a family album. Very often, future mothers ask the specialist a question – is he often mistaken?

Under the condition of the correct position of the infant, the percentage of errors in his belonging to the male or female sex is zero!

However, there are several obstacles, the main among them are the volume of amniotic fluid and the thickness of the abdominal wall of a pregnant woman. In addition, the baby himself does not always want to show his genitals – he can cover them with his hands or lie on his side.

How can I determine the sex of a child by ultrasound?

The eighth obstetric week is characterized by the beginning of the development of reproductive organs – the testes and ovaries. On the 11th week, the production of sex hormones begins and folds appear, which later form the external genitalia – the penis, scrotum, clitoris, labia.

An experienced specialist can reliably establish the sex of a baby without even considering its primary sexual characteristics.

This is due to the fact that there are other methods for determining sex:

  • Analysis of the angle between the back of the fetus and the genital tubercle: if it is less than 30 ° – a girl will be born, more than 30 ° – a boy.
  • Evaluation of the shape of the skull: the square type is typical for the boy, rounded – for the girl.
  • Study of the location of the placenta (“children’s place”): its localization in the right part of the uterine cavity indicates the birth of a boy, in the left – the girl.

Possible mistakes

It is possible to get unreliable ultrasound scan results:

  • If the examination is too early. Usually at the first screening, the doctor tries to determine the sex of the fetus, but the result may not be confirmed with another ultrasound. The couple should not be much tuned to the expectation of a girl or boy. It is important for future parents to know that this examination has a completely different purpose – to identify defects in the child’s development.
  • With multiple pregnancies (more than one fruit – twins, triplets, etc.). It is difficult to know the sex of the babies, as they cover each other.
  • In late pregnancy, the baby becomes crowded in the uterus and often he hides his genitals from the abdominal sensor. In addition, the fingers or the umbilical cord can be taken for the penis, and the testicles for the labia.
  • When performing diagnostics on outdated equipment, which does not allow to obtain a complete visualization of the reproductive organs of the fetus.

It is important for the future mother to know – no matter how many times she does the ultrasound, there is always the possibility of incorrectly determining the sex of the child. However, do not be upset about this – she will love her baby, regardless of his height, weight and gender.

In conclusion of the above information, I would like to emphasize once again that, first of all, the family couple should take care of conceiving a healthy baby. When planning the birth of a child, they must remember – their formation of the baby should begin in the healthy body of the mother and feel that the father is looking forward to his birth.

After all, no matter who is born, he will take possession of the hearts of his parents forever!

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