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How to distinguish a boy from a girl on ultrasound, photo of differences

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The birth of a child is considered the most joyful and expected event in the life of a woman for which preparation begins long before the moment of delivery. Based on this, most expectant parents are eager to find out the gender of the child early. The most reliable way to help accurately determine the sex of a baby is ultrasound diagnosis, which will help to find out the information that is so interesting for everyone in the second trimester of pregnancy.

This article will tell you how to distinguish a boy or a girl on an ultrasound scan.

Ultrasound diagnosis as an accurate way to determine the sex of a child

Today, the most accurate and well-known method for determining the sex of an unborn child is ultrasound diagnostics. This study is aimed at determining the course of pregnancy, the absence of fetal anomalies. Many parents also want to know the sex of the baby.

The formation of genital organs occurs under the influence of the hormone testosterone, which is produced in both girls and boys. This process begins at 8–9 weeks of gestation.

When a woman has a boy, then a large production of the hormone occurs. After the 8th week of intrauterine development of the fetus, in the male infant, testicular formation occurs, which synthesize dehydrotestosterone.

It is he who influences the size of the penis.

In addition, the infant is affected by substances that are responsible for secondary sexual characteristics, androgens. If they are not active enough, a girl is born.

That is, in the seventh-eighth week of pregnancy in female babies, the external genital organs are folded.

Probability of getting an erroneous result

Many parents are wondering if there is any likelihood of mistakenly determining the sex of a baby. Inaccurate information is usually obtained if an ultrasound scan is performed on a short term of pregnancy. A qualified doctor can establish the sex of the fetus as early as at 15 weeks, but at this time errors are quite frequent.

The most accurate result can be obtained in a survey conducted between 18-25 weeks of pregnancy.

In later periods, the child may adopt a position of the body in which it is not possible to determine his sex. However, there are cases when a woman from the 20th week of pregnancy was sure that she wears a boy, and gave birth to a healthy girl, and vice versa.

The accuracy of the result depends on the following factors:

  • Modern apparatus for ultrasound diagnostics. The most accurate result is medical equipment with a three-dimensional projection. Since the projection of the child occurs simultaneously in three planes.
  • The position of the fetus at the time of the survey. There are often cases when a baby is “shy”, and at the time of the examination it turns in such a way that its sexual differences become invisible. In this case, the determination may not happen the first time.
  • Amount of amniotic fluid.
  • The qualifications and experience of the doctor conducting the study. In this case, usually inexperienced specialists take the baby’s hand for the boy’s penis.

However, it is necessary to understand that the definition of sex has a rather high error. There are cases that the sex of the child during the study may vary from what was said earlier. In the 14th week of pregnancy, the probability of getting an incorrect result is reduced to a minimum, because at this time you can not only examine the baby’s genitals, but also measure the angle between the sexual knob and its back.

Depending on the result, the specialist can assume the sex of the infant. From week 18, this error is minimized.

How is the boy seen

Up to 10-11 weeks of pregnancy, boys and girls have no noticeable differences between them. Their genital folds, external tubercle have labial scrotal elevation.

After 12 weeks of intrauterine development, subject to conducting research on a high-quality modern apparatus by a qualified doctor, there is a chance to get information about the sex of the child.

When a woman wears a boy under her heart, the following changes are determined by ultrasound diagnostics:

  • The boy between his legs has a convex shape, which is the scrotum and penis. The male reproductive system is externally similar to a small snail.
  • The placenta is located in the right area of ​​the uterus.
  • The maxillary and cranial bones are square.
  • In a male infant, the angle between the genital tubercle and the dorsum is 30 degrees.

How is a girl viewed

The female fetus has a low blood level of the hormone testosterone. Based on this, after 8 weeks of intrauterine development in the formation of the female genital organs there are apparently no major changes.

  • Sexual elevation gradually reborn into the clitoris, which increases both in the womb and after childbirth.
  • Genital tubercles, folds are converted into the outer labia.
  • The urogenital groove does not close, and a vaginal opening is formed. It is usually determined after 14 weeks of intrauterine development.
  • The placenta is in the left uterus.
  • The cranial and maxillary bones are rounded.
  • The angle between the back and genital tubercle is less than 30 degrees.

Recently, it is not uncommon to have multiple pregnancies. The definition of sex in this case is identical to if a woman is waiting for one baby. However, quite often the doctor can not say for sure gender.

Since children with multiple pregnancies are more likely to hide from the sensor and not show the genitals. Usually, the study in the first trimester does not accurately determine the sex of babies.

It often happens that a specialist determines the sex of only one infant, while the second cannot be seen even in the following studies. Any parents coming to the ultrasound, have a secret desire to find out who they will have: a boy or a girl.

Today it is possible when conducting a study by a qualified doctor on a modern apparatus. But even if an error occurs, then the baby will not become less desirable, wonderful and loved.

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