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Preparing a child for the study of abdominal ultrasound, how to prepare it

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In pediatrics, abdominal ultrasound is a popular screening method that can be prescribed from birth. He is able to identify congenital pathologies, to detect the disease at the initial stage.

This procedure is completely painless and safe.

However, in order to obtain accurate results, it is necessary to adhere to a clear training system. Moreover, this period has its own characteristics for infants and older children.

Our article will tell about how the child is being prepared for an ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity, taking into account the age of the child.

Preparation rules

Preparing a child for an abdominal ultrasound is important for obtaining accurate results that will allow you to set the correct diagnosis. It starts 3 days before the scheduled examination.

The most important is obtaining ultrasonic accessibility of the study area. To do this, the abdominal cavity of the child must be free of food, gas and air.

If the digestion process is not over yet, then the digestive tract organs also function intensively. For example, when this occurs, the active contraction of the gallbladder, the pancreas is slightly enlarged.

During diagnosis, the doctor will not be able to obtain information about the accuracy of the size of the body and its condition. Many parents are wondering how to prepare a child for an ultrasound.

The following simple recommendations are given for this:

  • If a newborn is being examined, then before diagnosis it is necessary to refuse feeding 3 hours before the prescribed procedure. That is, it is important to determine the time of the study immediately before the next feeding. When the baby is breastfed, then after eating you should wait 3 hours, if he eats the mixture – 3.5.
  • When the survey is conducted kiddies from a year to 3 years, then they should skip one eating food. After the last feeding, 3 hours should pass. If the baby asks for food, you can give him a small amount of sugar sweetened with water.
  • When diagnostics is carried out for children over 3 years old, they are able to endure a slight hunger strike. For them, ultrasound is best to appoint at an early time. If the study is scheduled for a day, then after a meal should take at least 6 hours.
  • If the child suffers from increased gas, then for three days he can take Acrylic or Espumizan. It is important that the intestine was not complete. If necessary, on the eve of the study can be carried out cleansing enema.

Diet food

Before abdominal ultrasound, the child needs to pay attention to nutrition. First of all, you should exclude a diet that causes increased gas formation, which interferes with obtaining an accurate result. If the child is not of infancy, then it is important to exclude the use of 3 days before the diagnosis:

  • whole milk
  • dairy products. Before ultrasound porridge is better to cook only on water
  • legumes
  • sweets
  • cabbage
  • fresh vegetables and fruits.

During the preparatory period for the diagnosis of the abdominal cavity, ultrasound is allowed for use:

  • cooked porridge on water
  • veal
  • turkey
  • lean fish
  • cool egg
  • cheese.

In addition to compliance with the diet, you should pay attention to the fact that eating better in frequent small portions. On the eve of the study it is important not to eat a hearty dinner. Vegetable puree will be the most suitable, as it has the best digestibility.

Before the examination, you should not eat any food, suck on candy, chew gum. Of course, it is difficult for a small patient to prepare for a study, but this will help to get accurate results.

Kidney preparation

Often, during the examination of the abdominal cavity, the kidneys and the bladder are also examined. This procedure also requires individual training.

In fact, renal examination is not much different from the diagnosis of the liver, pancreas. Before ultrasound, it is also important to prepare a diet that does not cause increased gas formation.

Nevertheless, there is one significant difference: a good filling of the bladder. Between the ultrasound diagnosis of the kidneys, the abdominal cavity should take at least 1 hour.

This period is necessary in order to fill the bladder.

It is advisable not to urinate two hours before the scheduled examination. An overabundance of fluid in the bladder may also show incorrect results.

Therefore, when a child has an urgent need to empty his bladder, he may slightly empty it, and then drink some more water.

Psychological training

Many parents who have to undergo an ultrasound diagnosis with the child for the first time, worry about how the baby will undergo this procedure. Here it should be understood that this study is completely painless and does not bear any discomfort.

The only inconvenience is the gel, through which the sensor slides over the body. However, for successful completion of the procedure, doctors give the following recommendations.

To prevent the baby from freezing, it is better to bring a warm diaper or a large towel with you, since the clinic has thin disposable diapers. The baby should wear loose clothing that provides easy access to the tummy.

No need to give preference to overalls or tight sweaters. Best fit shirts with zippers.

A small child is better to take a favorite toy that will help him distract and will not let him cry during the procedure. The baby, who has already turned 3 years old, can be prepared for the procedure, talk about the intricacies of its implementation.

Thus, he will understand everything that happens. This will save the child from unreasonable fear.

Older children ultrasound is carried out with the study of the contractile ability of the bile ducts. This may require some delicacy.

It is also better to be ready by now. Only due to the correct ultrasound preparation, the doctor will be able to get the right results, which will allow to identify the disease or congenital anomaly and, accordingly, to start the treatment in a timely manner.

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