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Preparing for abdominal ultrasound, how to prepare

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Abdominal ultrasound is a common diagnostic method for many diseases, which is produced for both women and men. It is painless, lacking the slightest discomfort.

In addition, the procedure can be performed for patients of any age. To get the most accurate results, it is important to thoroughly prepare for abdominal ultrasound.

Distorting aspects

Many people are interested in the question of how to prepare for the diagnosis. For proper ultrasound, doctors recommend patients to follow some simple preparatory measures. First of all, they should follow a specialized diet.

When the patient is forced to constantly take medication, it is important to inform the specialist.

Patients should be aware of some aspects that distort the picture of the organs being examined, these include:

  • excessive gas formation
  • the presence in the intestine of the contrast component
  • pre-performed endoscopy that leads to muscle spasms
  • addiction to alcohol
  • obesity, which reduces the depth of penetration of ultrasound.

Features of eating

Preparatory activities for abdominal ultrasound require monitoring of the products used and the implementation of certain rules. If necessary, to obtain more accurate results, the preparatory period instead of 3 days is increased to 5 days.

Important! Before abdominal ultrasound, it is recommended to monitor nutrition for 3 days.

First of all, during the preparatory phase, the diet changes in the direction of a decrease in gas formation in the intestine. Doctors recommend to eat before the study:

  • boiled veal
  • steamed lean fish
  • turkey
  • oatmeal, buckwheat, barley
  • low-fat hard cheese
  • hard boiled egg.

Doctors, in preparation for the study, do not recommend drinking food. If there is a desire to drink a cup of sweet tea, then it is allowed to use it only after a meal.

During the day you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water. For three days before the study is not allowed to eat the following products:

  • caffeinated drinks
  • dairy products
  • White bread
  • fatty meats and fish
  • legumes
  • sparkling water
  • sweet.

The diet is maintained until the last meal on the eve of the ultrasound. Then you should completely stop taking any food. Ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs is important to conduct strictly on an empty stomach.

If it is necessary to conduct an abdominal diagnosis of an infant, then it is important not to give a breast an hour before the appointed time.

Babies who are under three years old are not allowed to eat 4 hours before the diagnosis. Children over 3 years old are not recommended to take food for 5 hours.

When during the observance of the diet there are any difficulties, then it is important to inform the doctor.

Bowel cleansing

Often during the preparatory activities for abdominal ultrasound examination, to ensure the most accurate diagnosis, it is recommended to clean the intestines. If the retroperitoneal space is included in the ultrasound examination, then this procedure will be mandatory. Cleansing should be done between 16 and 18 hours.

To do this, use the Esmarch cup with pre-prepared raw cool water of about 1.5 liters. After the procedure, you must take the sorbents.

If the patient for some reason cannot clean the intestines, then he can take medication drugs of mild laxative action. However, they can only be used if the patient is already 14 years old. Drinking laxative medication is necessary in the evening before bedtime.

You can also use microclysters to cleanse the intestines.

Drug training

Often, to obtain the most accurate results with abdominal ultrasound, it is recommended to take certain medications. Usually they are prescribed to drink 3 days before the intended study.

Moreover, they can be prescribed to patients of any age category.

These drugs include:

The dosage of drugs depends on how old the patient is, what his individual characteristics are, whether there are concomitant chronic diseases. If the above means are not tolerated by the patient, then he is assigned: activated carbon, Smekta, white coal, Polyphepan.

Sorbents are usually taken 3 hours before the appointed abdominal ultrasound diagnosis. Adults, in the absence of pancreatitis, are prescribed a two-day intake of Festal. With the help of medical preparation for ultrasound, you can get 100% correct result.

However, self-medication is prohibited. It is necessary to discuss this type of preparatory procedure with your doctor.

Additional events

In addition, there are some additional preparatory measures for abdominal examination. If the patient has a bad smoking habit, then the last smoking of a cigarette should be done 3 hours before the diagnosis.

In addition, two hours before the survey, it is important to abandon chewing gum, candy. When a patient needs to be diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, the appointment of the procedure should be discussed at a earlier time with the attending physician.

Thus, you can avoid prolonged fasting.

Before abdominal ultrasound is not recommended to conduct x-rays. If the patient regularly drinks antispasmodic drugs, then it is worth discussing this issue with your doctor.

It is possible that he will cancel their use during the preparation for the study. When the diagnosis of kidneys is included in the abdominal ultrasound, it is necessary to pre-fill the bladder an hour before the intended procedure.

The correctness of the training will help to get the most accurate results of abdominal ultrasound.

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